My Printable Names of God Faith Journal With Memorial Stone Reflections

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Maintaining a faith journal is a great way to record memorial stone moments in one’s life.

What are Memorial Stones? 

We are introduced to memorial stones or stones of remembrance in the Bible, in Joshua 4:1-7.

Joshua 4:7 reads-

Then you shall answer them that the waters of the Jordan were cut off before the ark of the covenant of the Lord;

when it crossed over the Jordan, the waters of the Jordan were cut off.

And these stones shall be for a memorial to the children of Israel forever.”

In an earlier post on How I Find Hope in Difficult Times, I shared how these memorial stones don’t mean physical rocks but are to be symbolic reminders of what God has done, possibly in the form of Post Its, phone reminders, a memo board, a journal… anything.

If it had not been for the Lord

They’re a way to remind us of God’s Faithfulness in our lives. 

And when you remind yourself of how every name of God found in the Bible stands testament to His character in our lives, it’s sure to strengthen our faith, especially when going through trying times.

My Printable Names of God Faith Journal With Memorial Stone Reflections

What Does The Printable Names of God Faith Journal Hold?

This journal is a beautiful way to reflect upon situations God has taken us through while recognizing how He does what His Name clearly says He does. 

Each journal page highlights:

  • a name of God,
  • a space for a situation in our lives God has taken us through (our Memorial Stone reflection),My Printable Names of God Faith Journal With Memorial Stone Reflections
  • a Bible verse/passage that encouraged us during that time and
  • a prayer in gratitude or a request for God to answer.

My Printable Names of God Faith Journal With Memorial Stone Reflections

To give you an example:

Thinking about God’s name Immanuel, God with us, I’m reminded of the time we were in that horrific car crash.

God was truly with us. 

To have walked out of that car, practically unscathed, is a pure testament to God’s Presence and His Protection.

And when I think about the men who came to the car, the verse in Psalm 91:11 leaps in my heart.

My Printable Names of God Faith Journal With Memorial Stone Reflections

Even now, when I think about this, I whisper a prayer of gratitude.

God with us.

This printable faith journal includes 19 pre-printed journaling pages with chosen names of God and a 20th sheet that allows you to choose names of God not included in this set.

Take inspiration from this set of 36 printable Names of God Promise Cards that would make a beautiful complementing gift set to this journal.

I designed this journal early this year, and yes, it has been sitting in drafts since then.

Last night as I waited to hit publish on this post, I began to debate leaving it as a draft.

Would this help anyone?

Perhaps this is just something I need?

Then this morning, at church, my Pastor talked about how we can conquer transitions and seasons of change in our lives, whether it be positive or negative-

At the crossroads of transition or difficulty, we’re quick to forget God’s Promises and His Faithfulness from the past. Trust in God is, in essence, remembering His Faithfulness or what He has done.”

And then our Praise and Worship team sang a Maverick City song that was not familiar to me. 

I came home to look up the song and here it is:

That was all the confirmation I needed.

(Don’t you feel humbled when you recognize how patient and gracious our God is?)

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I pray this will be a blessing to you and everyone you share this with.

My Printable Names of God Faith Journal With Memorial Stone Reflections

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