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I love how brands are sitting up and taking notice of the fact that our markets really don’t have a lot of healthy, packaged food available to grab-and-go for our kids.

Last month when our family was provided with an invite and the offer of a subsidized attendance package to attend the Disney Social Media Moms Celebration we were stoked. We were treated to some amazing experiences, a day filled with social media wisdom and wealth…and treated to lots of great food.

Nobody asked me to write a separate post about the Disney Magic of Healthy Living campaign but I want to.

It means something to me. It’s important!


The food you eat quote


As a Mom who has been brought up on home-cooked, fresh produce based food, it was only expected that I do the same for my family. Dining out frequently is not common place in our household. We will eat out, perhaps once in week, during the weekend, but the dining option is never fast food. We choose to eat substantial, as healthy as possible, meals.

So when I heard Disney was taking a stand to create healthier generations by introducing the Disney Magic of Healthy Living program, I was intrigued to see where they were going with this.

Disney Magic Of Healthy Living


Chris Powell was one of the first speakers to jump into the Healthy Living-Healthy Eating  discussion at the first kick-off event of the celebrations.

I managed to record a snippet from the talk and you will want to watch this if you’ve been looking to transform your life.



The next morning we heard more on the initiative from Disney‘s spokesperson on the campaign. The Disney Magic of Healthy Living campaign hammers down on replacing what is fun with what is actually good for you.

And did you know that Disney has actually taken a commitment to help create healthier generations?

[exceptional-citing quoted=”disney-magic-of-healthy-living” template=”elegant-reversed” date=”” ]In 2006, Disney launches nutrition guidelines. In 2009, nutrition guidelines are implemented globally. In 2010, the Disney Magic of Healthy Living campaign is launched to consumers. In 2011, the first Magic of Healthy Living- Weekend and TRYathlon kicks off. In 2012, new food and advertising standards are put into place: – Nutrition criteria is introduced. – The Mickey check tool is introduced. – The Magic Of Healthy Living initiative is expanded. – A double philanthropic commitment is made.[/exceptional-citing]


Company-wide the commitment has also been expanding to include healthier default kids’ meals, healthier snack carts in the Parks, promotions with healthier foods, a re-balanced licensing portfolio, a stronger focus on produce, healthy role models and episodes on TV and new health-related content on the various Disney media channels.

Disney Magic Of Healthy Living


One highly successful drive in the initiative is the TRYit! campaign.

[exceptional-citing quoted=”disney-magic-of-healthy-living” template=”elegant-reversed” date=”” ]TRYit! is part of Disney’s Magic Of Healthy Living , partnering with parents to inspire kids to eat healthy, “try” new foods and get moving with fun activities to achieve better health.[/exceptional-citing]


TRYit! has actually become the fun, new rage with kids!

Disney Magic Of Healthy Living


Our kids were introduced to several TRYit! culinary creations during the celebrations and it was definitely interesting to watch them ask for “fun” looking (but healthy) food.

Disney TRYit meal


I loved the idea of doing veggie and fruit kebabs. As they say, kids love eating anything on a stick…and this was definitely true with the kebabs!

Disney TRYit! meal

Other favorites included the baked sweet potato fries, the veggie pasta and the chicken bites.

(Oh and they did have some yum fruit based desserts too!)


Thanks to Disney, I’m sure many of us left inspired to bring the heart of this campaign back to our own homes. 

I also have to give credit to whoever thought of including a 2 mile Fun Run to the celebrations. The runDisney Fun Run inclusion definitely did do something for me (and several of my friends).


Tell me…

Is your family doing anything to live a healthier lifestyle?

I’d love to grab inspiration from your ideas.

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  1. Those look really good, Marina! I like how Disney has made creative meals that will appeal to kids.

  2. my kids love food on a stick too. i actually found 3 inch toothpicks last year that fit perfectly in sandwich containers- far more exciting for lunches!

  3. I am so excited that Disney rolled this out and have to say I was very impressed by all the healthy options available when I was in the parks.

  4. I think its great that disney is taking up this cause–we go through life eatting chicken nuggets and pbj’s–so the try it idea is a winner in my book

  5. I hadn’t heard about this campaign yet – but it sounds fantastic. And that quote you have at the beginning – SO true!

    And… Kabobs are my secret weapon, lol. The kids will eat darn near anything if I put it on a stick 🙂

  6. Fruit and veggie kebabs, yum! My fiance and I have both been working to live healthier by taking better care of ourselves. We tend to put our health on the back burner with so much going on in our lives and it really takes a toll!

  7. This is really cool. It’s true that food can help you or hurt you. I love that they are into encouraging kids to eat healthy. Sometimes it’s a struggle as a parent, so I appreciate others pushing the message too.

  8. We try to eat natural/organic foods as much as possible and avoid sugars (in the house). VERY hard to do this when out of the house I am discovering. Tonight for instance, I was at a street fair and we did indulge in some goodies… but the cupcake I got that I thought was a “cream” cupcake with real whipped cream turned out to be really gross SUPER sugared yuckiness. I threw that $5 cupcake out after 2 bites, it hurt my teeth so much to eat that much sugar.
    There definitely needs to be a CHANGE in this country regarding health and food.

  9. What a true quote that is!!! I have been eating healthier lately and it makes a world of difference in my overall attitude and everything!

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