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5 Essentials for Blogging Success.

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This past month as I packed my bags for AdventureCon 13, I knew I’d come home with a fresh insight and perspective. I didn’t know what that would be but I knew it would be something I needed for my growth as a writer.

SeaWorld AdventureCon


Honestly, the benefit of being a Wildside Blog Ambassador is huge  with the provision of annual passes for my family to SeaWorld San Antonio. But at times the benefits extend beyond all of that. The additional perk of being able to attend SeaWorld‘s very own blogging conference fully sponsored is definitely one of them!

While my family played at the Park, I was able to spend time soaking in wealth from the experts.  Now while I was not required to share my thoughts on what I learnt I’m doing so because I know this will be so helpful to you too.


There was a lot shared at AdventureCon13 . But I’ve summarised what I gleaned to share what I sincerely believe to be the…

5 Essentials for Blogging Success.


5 Essentials for Blogging Success- Mommy Snippets


I know visuals always help  retain things in one’s mind (at least for me)…

and thanks to the amazing photo opportunities one gets while at SeaWorld San Antonio, here’s hoping you will always remember the 5 essentials.


Don't try to be like somebody else.  You are unique...that is what  will make you stand apart!



Think outside the box. Do what nobody else has done before



Be passionate about what you do. It shows!



Know your value!  Go after brands and bring your creativity to the table.



Build a community. Develop Trust.  Be approachable!


All 5 essentials are 100% share-able, so do feel free to pin them away to your boards and share away.

You never know who may need that little boost in the right direction, in the Blogosphere today.


Once done, do hop over to read my friends’ posts with more wealth  from AdventureCon13. Each one is worth a read as each post touches on some aspect of the conference that the other hasn’t.

(And just in case you haven’t read my 10 AdventureCon13 Tips for Better Photographs yet, I would  recommend checking it out. Our photographers had such great advice to share.  )


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Do you have an “essential” you would add as a must for Blogging Success ?




  1. AdventureCon sounds like a fun and useful event. I would love to attend. Fingers crossed that I am able to go next year. I would totally drive down from Dallas for this.

    1. Oh yes! You really should come. Great for the family too. While we learn, they get to play at SeaWorld. 🙂

  2. Awww what a great way to share what you learned at this conference! The visuals were definite fun to read!

  3. Looked the picture of the primate! Not even going to try to remember what is was. 🙂 Those are great tips. I agree with all and think it definitely shows if you are passionate about what you do.

  4. i love these tips but i really love how you incorporated some great photos with them 🙂

  5. I adore this post! You are so creative in how you incorporated your Sea World pics with the tips.

  6. I love these and actually needed them big time!!! Serious blogger burnout lately, but finding your pics super motivating! 🙂

  7. AWESOME tips.. thanks for sharing and I totally agree with “Be passionate about what you do”.. don’t make it a chore.. make it something you love to do… and yes..it totally will show…

  8. i love all these tips for being successful at blogging and they are all so true!

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