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Organizing the pantry with my Brother P-touch label maker. {#PTouch25 #MC}

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DisclosureI participated in an Ambassador Program on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Brother P-touch. I received a product sample to facilitate my review and promotional item as a thank you for participating.


I don’t travel very much, specifically out of choice. But last month when I received my 2 day trip to Chicago, I agreed only because I knew Hubs had taken a week off to spend time with his Dad. And the kids would have both Grandpa and Dad at home, so my absence would not be felt that bad.

Being 6 months pregnant has meant I’ve slowed down a bit to conserve energy levels, so before I left on my trip, the kitchen pantry was all over the place.

Little did I know that my return would find it in an organized but disorganized manner. Everything was neatly stacked but the cereal was with the baking supplies, the cookies were with paper plates, the lunch totes were hidden in a sealed box. Oh MY!


Bless my sweet Hubs and Father-in-law’s hearts for trying to help me out but the result was chaos.


Organizing the pantry with my Brother P-touch label maker.


A week or so after my return from Chicago,  I received an exciting email to say I was picked to be a Brother P-touch Ambassador and that a label maker was on it’s way. I couldn’t have been more excited as I had the perfect first project in mind…

my kitchen pantry!

Organizing the pantry with my Brother P-touch label maker. (#MC #Sponsored #PTouch25)

If I labeled all my shelves it would help whoever went in there to organize, help re-stack or just put things away in the right places. It would also be a great way to help my 7 year old find what I needed if in the middle of re-creating a recipe!


Thankfully the Brother P-touch PT-H100 hand-held label maker is super easy to use. It does require 6 AAA batteries and the insertion of a laminated label roll but once you have both sets in, you’re good to go!

Brother P-touch Label Maker.

I love that customization options on the maker are quite a few. You can choose to go the simple, text only, regular format label route

Brother P-touch label maker-

or you can spruce up your label with borders or icon specific themed inclusions.

I chose to keep it simple with bold text and no additional formats even though there is the option of creating a kitchen styled label.

Brother P Touch Label Maker

Irrespective of what you choose, you can be assured that the end result will be a more organized pantry.


One that you can safely invite anybody to re-organize…

Organized the pantry with my Brother P-touch label maker

and rest assured that everything will be in the right place when you open that pantry door the next time.


Would a Brother P-touch label maker make it on your Christmas list?

If you just said yes, I would encourage you to keep an eye on the upcoming sales at office super stores and retailers. The sales tie in with Brother’s 25th Anniversary Celebrations and the deals are pretty generous. (Found one with the Brother P-touch PT-H100 hand-held label maker on sale at 15$ lower than regular retail price!)


I would love to hear your tips on keeping a kitchen pantry organized. Would you share?


  1. I would love one of these! It would definitely save lots of disorganized headaches in our house.

  2. Believe me, I’m NOT the person to ask about how to keep a kitchen pantry organized!!!! I would use that labeler on my scrapbook supplies.

  3. Love the label maker, and labeling the pantry? What a great idea! I should do that for my kids!

  4. We organized our bathroom closet like this, not sure why I didn’t think to do my kitchen pantry!

  5. My pantry is a WRECK, you totally don’t want my tips! That said, I used that labeler on my garage cabinet, my medicine cabinet/utility closet & my craft closet & those areas are still organized a year later!

  6. this is a great idea, I never thought of organizing my pantry with a label maker this would be great!

  7. I need this to get the decorations for various holidays organized. Hubby could use it in general in the garage.

  8. I love being organized, I could use this with our craft drawers and my home office to be better organized for sure!

  9. Great ideas for P-touch use! We have one at work and I always threaten to steal it for my own personal use. 😉

  10. I would love to use one of these in the children’s playroom! What a great organizing tool.

  11. I’m going to have to get me a Brother Label Maker. This would help me organized in the kitchen as well as many other areas of our home that could use a face lift (sort of speak) and organization.

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