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Encourage your child to Be Fearless, Be Kind {+ $50 Hasbro Gift Pack Giveaway}

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Kindness is not genetic.in-a-world-where-you-can-be-anything-be-kind-mommysnippets-com

It’s a beautiful character trait that must be taught to our children.

A quality that needs to be nurtured.

Encourage your child to Be Fearless, Be Kind

Be Fearless Be Kind is Hasbro’s latest signature philanthropic initiative to empower a generation with heart.

A research conducted by Dr Michele Borba shows that teens today are 40% less empathetic than they were thirty years ago. The NBC News State of Kindness Poll in 2015 polled American parents where 62% said their kids are less kind than they were in the past. It’s no wonder bullying is on the rise.befearless-bekind

With the Be Fearless Be Kind initiative, Hasbro’s mission is to equip parents and caregivers with the resources, tools and support to raise children who do not think twice about being kind, do not shrink back from standing up for others and who are champions for those who need just that little extra help.

Yesterday we spent the morning at a local Down Syndrome Awareness walk, to support my friend’s 5 year old son. It was a great opportunity for us, as his village, to rally around the family to remind them that we’re there as their support system in the journey of life.

It was beautiful to see kids high five and cheer him on when he got tired along the route. And it was awesome to see the community come out to support not just our little friend but his buddies with Down Syndrome too.we-rise-by-lifting-others-mommysnippets-com

See if you can find an awareness walk in your city. Use that as way to nurture empathy, kindness and the importance of inclusion.

Hasbro has some additional Empathy Tools and Resources to help you encourage your child to Be Fearless, Be Kind.

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Join us at the Be Fearless Be Kind Twitter Party on 11/10/2016

Hasbro and Social Good Moms is hosting a big Twitter party on November 10th at 2pm EST. The party will be celebrating the launch of the new Be Fearless Be Kind campaign.bfbk_withhasbro_logo-3

Don’t forget to follow the #BFBK and #BeKind hashtags to join the conversation.

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  1. I encourage them to treat others how they want to be treated. I also teach them to try new things and not be afraid.

  2. With 3 boys they are already fearless. I encourage them every day to do at least one good deed even if it something small like helping someone pick up the papers they dropped. The small things in life truly count as big ones sometimes. Always treat others the way you want to be treated and think before speaking so you aren’t hurting someone even if you don’t intend to, they may take it the wrong way and it can cause unnecessary hurt feelings.

  3. I remind my daughter to do unto others as you would have them do unto you. I encourage her to think of how others feel. She’s already fearless, and I say to never be afraid to try something and fail.

  4. We talk often about the importance of treating others how we would like to be treated. I also try to be a good example for them!

  5. I have a lot of fears so I have to put those aside and encourage them to have confidence. To be kind I ask them how they would want to be treated.

  6. I tried to teach my kids by example. Be a leader, put yourself in others shoes, and always think before you make a judgement.

  7. I encourage my kids to always treat others as they want others to treat them. I say if they see someone who is alone or sad to be their friend, be kind to them because you never know what may be happening in their life.

  8. Have always encouraged my kids and Grandkids to always be nice, get up every day to put their best foot forward and do your best!

  9. I try to encourage my children to speak kindness daily. To find something to complement someone on. To always be looking for the good.

  10. I try to teach my kids to stick up for others and to be friends with other kids who don’t seem to have a friend.

  11. I encourage my daughter to be gentle to people and animals. She used to be very rough with pets but the more she learns to use gentle touch & quiet voice the more the pets want to be around her. She’s also often much better at sharing with other kids & babies.

  12. Kids tend to mirror their parents, so the best way to teach them to be kind is for them to witness it firsthand by watching you. Dirtbag parents usually have dirtbag kids!!

  13. My Son def is fearless! We are always talking about being treated the way YOU want to be treated. I always mention to him to think about others feelings!

  14. I encourage them that you don’t have to be best friends with everyone but you need to be friendly with everyone. My oldest started middle school where three schools came together and it’s hard making new friends. I encourage her to be herself but to put herself out there a little bit.

  15. By setting an example. I show them that mama is fearless and kind so they can know and do the same.

  16. We talk about being kind and having an attitude of gratitude. We encourage helping someone who is struggling. Always model kindness in front of the youngsters. That means saying thank you to service people, asking others how they are doing, volunteering, etc..

  17. My daughters are now grown. It was easy to teach them to be kind. They belonged to the girl scouts, went to church and Sunday School and I tried to lead by example. However be fearless was harder esp for my younger one. She was a fearful child and she just had to handle life and work it out herself.

  18. I have a 2 year old so we are still working on manners. I encourage him to be a nice kid. To treat others the way he would want to be treated. To say please and thank you and to be kind to animals. To have purpose in everything he does. 🙂

  19. I encourage her to welcome any new child she meets, whether it is in school, cheer, or gymnastics, and to make sure that they are included in social activities so that they do not feel excluded. I also encourage her to stand up for children who are being bullied.

  20. I always remind my kids to be kind to other kids when they are at school, that they should not make fun of another person for being different, nothing worse than a bully. Also to be fearless by trying new things.

  21. I have always taught my daughter to be herself no matter what others think and to never see anyone, regardless of a disability as different only that they may in some way need extra help. For 2 years now, she has volunteered her recess 2 or 3 days a week to go down and help and play with the special needs children. Many kids at school have made comments about them and my daughter, from what teachers have said, sets them straight. They even use her and her friend as a bribe tool to get 2 of the kids to do what they need to do saying if they don’t then they won’t be allowed to come down.

  22. I encourage them to do things that they don’t think they can do and remind them to consider how they would feel if they were in the same situation of someone else.

  23. I encourage them by being an example! I’m not always the best but I try with all my heart!

  24. I think we most encourage by leading by example! We always try to do little things while out and about to show him the little things that make a difference in someones life.

  25. I encourage them to talk about their feelings when they get picked up, pointing out to be careful not to make others feel the same way. I encourage them to make friends whenever they can. And to see the good in everyone.

  26. We teach to be fearless and kind to make them great people. We lead by example and make sure as parents we setting a high standard.

  27. Being kind, I always try to get them to think of how the other person might feel!
    Fearless is harder for me to teach! thanks for the blog post!

  28. I teach them the importance of treating others as they would wanted to be treated. That they don’t have to like everyone but they must still be kind to everyone.

  29. I tell my son to at least try something once. Also, sometimes when he is really nervous I put little encouraging notes in his pocket and he knows I’m with him.

  30. I believe that if God is for us, nothing can stand against us. I teach my children that, too.

  31. I teach them to stick up for what they know is the right thing to do and not just follow along with everyone else…

  32. I always communicate very openly with her and if she is scared, we talk about the feelings, and try to resolve them. She learns kindness by watching her family.

  33. I raise my child to be fearless by praising my kids when they do or stand up for what is right!

  34. I try to encourage my kids the best I can ! And try to build them up so they have good self esteem

  35. We count our blessings everyday and we set goals to move forward ourselves and our community.

  36. I teach them to live their lives everyday to the fullest. I hug them, kiss them and spend as much time with them before bedtime each day. I rarely miss a hug and a kiss before they go to bed.

  37. I encourage her to be kind be fearless by allowing her to be herself. At school she is one of the sweetest kids..ever but she will stand up to a bully in a heartbeat as well.

  38. I teach my daughters to be kind to everyone. If they see someone who is lonely or sad…a smile might help. If they see someone being bullied, speak up.

  39. I taught my boys to be kind to everyone and not to be afraid to pursue their dreams!

  40. I always try to encourage my kids to do their best -do something good and it will come back to you !

  41. We participated recently in a color run to support autism awareness. They collected money to support research. They also learned about Autism, how children with autism need friendship and understanding.

  42. I encourage My children to make sure that nobody is left out and school and if someone is looking lonely to be friends with them and play with them. And also to treat others the way they would like to be treated

  43. i always encourage my children to be kind to others and to have confidence that they can do anything that they put there mind to.

  44. I encourage them to always do things that would make other people happy and we do service twice a month.

  45. I encourage my children to be fearless be kind by setting an example and being kind to everyone.

  46. I teach my kids to respect all people, even the ones that don’t like or respect them.

  47. Its different for both of my kids. My son is four months so simply talking to him, and telling him every day how tough, brave, and amazing he is. My son was 12 weeks early, with absolutely no defects or complications. He is the definition of fearless. My daughter is much older so I talk to her all the time about what a big sweet girl she is. I try to lead by example. Yesterday she proved how big she was when she sat ALL BY HERSELF for her shots, without holding my hand. She is FOUR. Amazing. I am blessed with the nicest, bravest, most wonderful kids (just like every other mother) and I would absolutely love to surprise them with this!

  48. If my kids are sad, I try to make them happy. Funny faces always make them giggle. I always try and reassure them that they’re great & I love them

  49. We have always told the kids to treat others how they’d want to be treated. B oth my husband and I were bullied as children in school so we felt it very important to teach compassion and humility from a young age.

  50. With two girls the fearless part is kind of tricky, they are naturally fearful it seems. All I can do is remind them God is always with them and encourage them to be brave at least for a few seconds when faced with a new fear. For kindness, I just tell them to treat others the way they want to be treated.

  51. I encourage Holden to talk to kids that are alone and look like they need a friend. He rarely gets turned down, but it happens. I tell him that he has to try, or he will never know.

  52. My kids always know to be kind to everyone and we pratice the golden rule. they only do to others what they would want others to do/say to them. it works for us!

  53. treat others as you would want to be treated. Build others up, don’t tear them down. That is our motto.

  54. I teach my kids that they are never to bully other kids and to report any instances of bullying.

  55. I remind my kids to always treat everyone the way they want to be treated. I tell my kids they can’t succeed if they don’t try.

  56. Being the mom of a special needs kiddo, I encourage him to treat others respect, and to love himself for who he is!

  57. I don’t have kids yet. this would be for my niece. I’d encourage kids to treat others as they would want to be treated.

  58. Listening to them, really listening to them talk about what is going on with them and how they can be kind and fearless

  59. I teach them if they want to do something but they think it is above what they can do to at least try it. I say Give it your best shot. I also teach them respect and kindness for all.

  60. The most important way I teach my daughter to be fearless and kind is by letting her see me lead by examples in everyday life.

  61. I teach that as long you put your mind to it you can do it. As the old saying goes. There no reason to be scared of anything, all you have to do is just got to take a deep breath and face your fears.

  62. i encourage my kids to be fearless and kind by telling them they should be open to trying new things and share kindness with others.

  63. I teach my children to be fearless and kind by showing them my best example. it took me a long time to be fearless. i learned that my fears manifest themselves so i have to stop letting myself be afraid.

  64. I encourage my child to Be Fearless Be Kind, by discussing what happened at school and talking about ways she can make a difference.

  65. The two things I teach my children above anything else are to be confident in themselves and to be kind to those around them.

  66. I encourage my child to do that right thing no matter how hard it is. Doing the right thing is always the best.

  67. Keeping an open dialogue and exposing them to a variety of people. Sunday school helps too!

  68. I encourage my grandkids to pick one thing they have never done at least once a month to go outside of their comfort zone and trying something new. I also expect and reinforce the practice of being kind and respectful toward others as you would expect the same from them.

  69. We talk with our kids constantly about treating others as you want to be treated, no matter who they are or how they treat you.

  70. To be fearless I try to instill in them its ok to fail that’s how we get better.

  71. I encourage my little sweetie to uplift his peers at school on a daily basis and not lose his naturally compassionate nature.

  72. I tell my kids to never give up. You may fall many times, but bring yourself right back up and try again. Never be afraid to achieve your dreams no matter how big or small, or whatever stands in your way.

  73. I encourage them to be themselves even if it means wearing a superman costume. Whatever makes the feel great or confident. I love seeing them be happy and themselves. Have fun with other kids, share with them, and if they be kind they have more friends.

  74. I encourage my son to keep trying and to never say he can’t do something. He just turned 3 and has trouble with putting on his jacket and shoes…we encourage him to try every time!

  75. Just never be afraid of being yourself. But always be kind to others. If you do those 2 things, you will be loved!

  76. I teach my kids to be fearless and kind by giving them a good moral compass by taking them to church. Thanks for the giveaway. I hope that I win.

  77. I work to encourage my children through what I say. However, more importantly, I work to show my children through example every day.

  78. I teach my kids to be kind by setting a good example for them. I found that the kids mimic my behavior and modeling the behavior for them promotes it without saying so.

  79. I encourage by downplaying things that might seem fearful and showing them it’s no big deal by doing it myself, leading by example and they see me performing random acts of kindness so that teaches them to be kind.

  80. I try to get my kids to try new things all the time. From tasting a new food to going to their first “haunted” house at Halloween, it’s important to teach children to face uncertain outcomes.

  81. I always try to instill in my child that they should treat others the way they would want others to treat them.

  82. I tell Reed to be brave to follow his curiosity, if safe, and be kind enough to share his discoveries with others.

  83. I encourage my daughter to try new things while still being safe because she might miss out on something great if she’s afraid to try!

  84. I tell my kids to always stand up for their beliefs and their friends and always treat them the way they want to be treated!

  85. I always tell my children to try hard and do the best they can. We are proud of you always! Treat others with kindness and respect as that is how you want to be treated too.

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