Celebrate and strengthen family bonds with Red Rock Traditions {+Giveaway: 3 winners}

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With life being so busy with the countless number of activities through the week, it sometimes takes additional effort to make sure family time is not shoved into a corner.family

My family has a few family musts that include family prayer together every evening and eating at least one meal together.

It’s not always easy to do this but we do our best to make sure we make this a priority.

Celebrate and strengthen family bonds with Red Rock Traditions

I was recently introduced to Red Rock Traditions with an awesome mission-“to strengthen the bonds of family relationships through the sharing and celebration of traditions.”

Every product sold through their online store is intentional in encouraging love,  family togetherness and the start of new family traditions.

red rock traditions

Imagine starting a new Sunday Sundaes tradition with one huge family bowl to share or perhaps a beautiful Gift Of Wisdom box that can be gifted to a teen or a new adult.

With Thanksgiving, this Gratitude Tree would make a beautiful new tradition to start with the kids.

But if you’re looking for a unique and extremely affordable gift for a sweet family you know, that will be appreciated through the year, the Countdown To Everything is just that.celebrate-and-strengthen-family-bonds-with-red-rock-traditions-1

Made with pine wood, this sweet 9½”H x 6½W” countdown helps your family count down to a special family celebration.

The mini celebration boards are dual sided and include event signs for a birthday, Christmas, Easter, a vacation, ‘The Big Day’, an anniversary, a baby’s arrival and a blank slate that you can personalize by writing out a specific celebration with chalk.celebrate-and-strengthen-family-bonds-with-red-rock-traditions-5

Just in case you’re wondering, the slot on the Countdown holder is wide enough to hold all the celebration boards in one place, so nothing will get lost.


While picking up one or a few for your friends or relatives, make sure you pick one up for your family.

This is such a great way to get a birthday celebrant excited about his/her big day and for the family to look forward to special family celebrations.



Thanks to our friends at Red Rock Traditions, THREE readers will win a Countdown To Everything for their families.

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  1. My family tradition was started with my great Aunt Winnie. Every year on thanks giving ” Tom Turkey” brings a book or a small toy for all the children, and then we go to the movies as a big family on Thanksgiving Day.

  2. My favorite family tradition is our elf on the shelf we started a couple years ago.

  3. My family has the coolest homemade advent calendar we have used since I was born. I love it, and thinking of using it when I have kids of my own

  4. My favorite family tradition is a 24 days of Christmas book advent calendar. We open a different book every day and read it as a family.

  5. One of our favorite family traditions is we go to the ocean every Christmas Eve. I’m in NJ, so it’s a bit cold, lol

  6. My favorite family tradition is going to a family day the weekend of Thanksgiving. We celebrate with food and a day of hunting, and bonfires.

  7. Family traditions for us include pizza delivery on Thanksgiving Eve, Cold cuts on Christmas Eve and Junk Food on New Years Eve.

  8. My grandson lives out of State but I have a few weeks every Summer Grandma-Time. I always take a photo of him helping me Garden, watering with my plastic watering can -it;s amazing how fast he grows year to year !

  9. We love to go around the table and reflect on the last year. Good year or bad, we can always find something to be grateful for.

  10. It is tradition for my boys and I every year we celebrate my bday xmas eve instead of on christmas. We each choose one snack we want and make it and have lots of goodies and finger foods while baking cookies for santa and watching holiday movies all day. We have my bday cake and then we go outside and sprinkle magic dust for the reindeer to eat. We also drive around town looking at everyones decorations on their house. We have done it since they were little and they truly love every minute of it.

  11. Cutting down a Christmas tree together as a family is something that we have done for several years.

  12. Our family traditions are small and simple but they are ones that I’ve made ours similar to the ones I remember. I make sure we stay home for Thanksgiving and Christmas and try to be the house the family comes to for the holidays. Santa always writes my boys a letter going over their yearly accomplishments and to tell them how much their loved from their parents, the Jolly Man himself and Jesus. I hope my boys these memories and turn them to their own for their family,

  13. I have hosted Thanksgiving dinner for my family every year for the last 36 yrs, we started out with 6 people and are now up to 20! Look forward to it every year!

  14. My favorite family tradition is celebrating St. Nicholas day on December 18. St. Nicholas comes at night and leaves a small present for a child under the pillow. Traditionally, my son gets a new book and a small educational toy.

  15. our tradition is to go out to eat at a local restaurant each Christmas eve as a family- and make sure to way over tip the waitress!! We have some family time before the big day and we get to make someone else day who has to work on Christmas eve!

  16. Our favorite family tradition is Ice Cream Sunday Day. We make sure we have ice cream every Sunday, could be at home or out, with family and friends, but it is a day reserved for ice cream.

  17. We cut our Christmas tree down every year. It was a tradition my parents did with me when I was growing up that I wanted to do with my kids.

  18. We have an “early present” at Christmas time. it is new pajamas and slippers. the kids get to open that gift early on chirstmas eve.

  19. I too am blessed with THREE amazing little girls! I love spending time with them, and can’t wait to see the beautiful young women they will turn in to.

  20. My favorite family tradition is on Christmas Eve we watch movies, bake and drink hot chocolate!

  21. My family started the tradition of watching a Thanksgiving movie marathon. This gives us the opportunity to share jokes and comments about theme movies as a family now that both my sons have grown up.

  22. My favorite family tradition is every Sunday my Mom cooks and we all go over and spend quality time together.

  23. We celebrate “Family Holiday” once a month, with a cake and games and a special activity.

  24. Watching all of our favorite Christmas movies together with my family – we add a new one every year.

  25. We do the elf on the shelf but Zoey my grand Baby he laves her a book every day she has to read to her mother , the after thanksgiving we put the tree up ,

  26. Our family tradition is putting away all electronics for a day each week and doing bible study with the kids

  27. We have a really fun Holiday party with all our family and friends that we look forward to every year.

  28. My favorite family tradition is going to pick out our Christmas tree right after Turkey day.

  29. One of our family traditions at Halloween is to tie cornstalks to the flagpole and put pumpkins all around it.

  30. Movie night with our big family is my favorite ,plus we love to bake something tasty before that !

  31. Our tradition is going to Frankenmuth in Michigan before Christmas. We always go and pick out a new Christmas ornament there every year.

  32. One of our family traditions that we look forward to is going to get our Christmas tree!

  33. Favorite family tradition is secret santa gifts. I have 11 kids and they each get to pull a name from a hat at Halloween and pick a gift for that sibling for $15 or less for Christmas. They REALLY enjoy it each year.

  34. every christmas eve the kids get to open one present and its always new pajamas! they put them on and we watch Rudolph!

  35. favorite family tradition- we have a thankful tree for thanksgiving, were we write on leaves that which we are thankful for and place them on the tree. Or at Christmas we read from the Bible and pray together

  36. We have tons of fun family traditions! My favorite is every Christmas Eve, all the kids get matching pajamas This year I got them all personalized blankets as well, I’m so excited!

  37. My favorite family tradition is helping my daughter with Santa cookies and his reindeer veggies on Christmas eve.

  38. My favorite family tradition is taking the time to read the Bible and a devotional together each evening before we go to bed.

  39. Our favorite family tradition is passing around the ornaments collected over the years and hanging them on the tree!

  40. Our family does the “1” gift exchange with family members at Christmas so we all don’t go broke buying everyone a gift. This works well.

  41. My favorite family tradition is having supper together as a family. We always give each other 20 to share our day without anybody interrupting. It has always brought us closer.

  42. Watching the Polar Express with my husband and kids on Christmas Eve is one of my favorite family traditions.

  43. Our favorite family tradition is having our thanksgiving dinner than decorating for christmas afterwards.

  44. Growing up we always received Advent Calendars on Thanksgiving and we got to open a door every day and get a piece of candy. I do this with my children.

  45. My daughter and I plan activities in the days leading up to Christmas. We go look at lights one night, build a gingerbread house the next, bake cookies ,and so on. It is a great buildup and a fantastic way to enjoy the holiday and make memories.

  46. Every Christmas Eve, My mom , brothers and I get together and watch movies , talk and bake goodies for Christmas day.

  47. my favorite family tradition is my brothers and sister and my family all get together at my moms house for a sleepover on Christmas eve.

  48. I like our Christmas Stockings tradition. We always fill one another’s stockings with unique and wacky stuff.

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