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My kids begged for a pet, we got them…

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The Background

It’s been over two years since Bunny girl has been begging for us to get her a pet. A dog, to be precise. But with a carpeted floor and my hands full as it is, Hubby and I have told her she needs to wait till she turns 8 before we can actually consider the request. In the meanwhile, she has to prove she’s capable of being responsible and maybe…just maybe we’d seriously think about getting a pet.

A few months ago, I ordered an Insect Lore Butterfly Kit on Amazon and each time we’d try ordering our caterpillars, we’d be asked to wait a bit because it was way too hot in our corner of Texas to have them shipped over. Some time in December when the weather was pleasantly cooler, we decided to give it a shot once again and we finally got a confirmation.

Our caterpillars were on their way!

The kids were excited. They were finally getting pets. Well kind of. But they were thrilled.


When the container holding our 5 baby caterpillars arrived, the kids screeched with excitement.

The days that followed involved gazillion trips to the closet (yes, that’s where we kept the caterpillars, away from harm’s way!) to check on whether the caterpillars were doing okay. And lots of ooh-ing, aah-ing and conversations with the fuzzy little creatures.

With each phase in the growth cycle, the kids the 4 of us were learning something new.

To put it simply, the whole process was amazing.

What a privilege to watch these babies, blossom into gorgeous masterpiece creations.

Then there was one.

Though we would have loved to see all 5 butterflies flutter away, we’re left with one…Bella.

The children have been talking to her, singing to her and even praying over her. While we’re really hoping for a miracle, we understand she may be confined to her present home. We’ve agreed to do all we can to make her comfortable…and hopefully happy.


Butterfly with crumpled wing



With these creatures in our home, I was reminded yet again that…

Special moments are like butterflies.

They eventually flutter away but the memories last forever.


Beautiful Lady Painted Butterfly


If When the kids do get their asked for puppy, I know they will (never forget and) always consider our 5 caterpillars as their first pets.

And no, Bella will not be put aside just because she has a crumpled wing. The children will continue to love, provide and care for her.

They’re learning even through this.



Does your child have a pet? Do you have a special pet YesMemory you’d love to share?



  1. What a beautiful post of a beautiful experience..it moved me to tears. I am sure Bunny Girl and Bunny Boo will never forget their first furry pets ….and to actually witness the transformation of the caterpillars to beautiful butterflies. It appears Beautiful Bella is there to stay and am pretty certain the love for her will keep growing…yes another lesson in life’s journey . xx

  2. That is such a cool experience!!!

    We have four cats (we just adopted the 4th), and the kids LOVE them. If they cats don’t want to be bothered, they just walk (run) away.

  3. What a wild opportunity for your kids! So much fun.

    We have no pets and this would be PERFECT for us!!!

    Thanks for sharing!

  4. Oh wow! My kids would absolutely love this. How neat to watch their lifecycle. I’m sure your kids will never forget this.

  5. I thought about getting these for my son. I didn’t even think that it could be too hot to get them! LOL. I hope Bella makes it they are SO beautiful! We have a dog and my son is just starting to notice that he can be fun to play with and he is 5 So I think 8 is a good time for them to get a dog they can take care of! 🙂

  6. How sweet is that! I love that Bella stayed behind, like you said it really is a lesson in itself.

  7. This is so cool! How amazing to see the whole life cycle. We have a dog but we didn’t get him till he was older. It would have been so much fun to see his whole life cycle. I guess we can create from what we have now though. Thank you for sharing this!

  8. I really like this idea. I think I would do it with my kids since we don’t have space for a bigger pet.

  9. I don’t have kids, but as a kid I loved pets like this. Hermit crabs, Praying mantis, various spiders. These were the sorts of pets I enjoyed.

  10. We have raised caterpillars before and it was a wonderful experience! We have also had a ton of pets over the years: bunnies, chickens, dog, cat, fish, bird. Each one has a place in our hearts and we love the memories we’ve made together!

  11. How fun! I did this with my daughter years ago and it was fun to watch them change into caterpillars and finally release them in the yard – although a scrub jay immediately swooped down and got one of them 🙁

  12. That’s so cool. What a great things to teach kids where butterflies come from. I have to look into this for my kids.

  13. What a cool experience! The reward is amazing, and somewhat better than owning a dog! 🙂

  14. I definitely know I couldn’t handle them at the caterpillar stage (so gross) but this is a great thing for kids to experience.

  15. We have a butterfly garden and we get to see this experience outside. It is cool – you never know where the caterpillars will end up! We currently have two hermit crabs – we even got to see one molt! And we have two dogs.

  16. We’ve had a few different pets but we now have a dog – we love her. I think her most memorable is the whole ordeal of us almost losing her to having surgery and being a happy puppy again!

  17. What a beautiful journey! We have two cats and a bunny. Of course our kids are fickle. They now want us to get a puppy. So not happening!

  18. Very interesting. Dogs really are man’s best friend. I hate all of the dog hair, but that is such a small price for the love we get in return.

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