7 ways to prevent your child from catching the flu

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We’ve officially stepped into Fall, which means cooler weather, school’s on in high gear and yes, a new soccer season has begun.


While I love that the kids have busy schedules, I also recognize that fatigue can weaken their immune systems. With the flu season lurking on the fringes, I know I need to do my part to ensure my kids stay healthy.

With my youngest being 8 months old and my older two full time school goers, I do know they will inevitably come home with a fair share of germs. I try my best to ensure we do what we can to keep the kids healthy before flu season, during flu season and after flu season!

7 ways to prevent your child from catching the flu

Here are 7 ways you can prevent your child from catching the flu:


1. Teach your child to wash her hands under warm water, with soap, before eating any meal and each time she steps into the house after spending time outdoors. If outdoors, remember to clean hands at least with a sanitizer/sanitizing wipes.

2. Remind them to cough or sneeze into their shirts/dresses, into their sleeves or into a tissue (and then throw the tissue away). And not to chew on their fingers or bite their nails. Germs are everywhere!

3. Give your child a fresh glass of orange juice daily or a glass of lemon juice with honey. Vitamin C does help build up a child’s immunity. Daily servings of fresh fruit and veggies are also a must.

4. Ensure she gets a decent dose of exercise daily and enough rest plus a good night’s sleep to help keep her body  fighting fit and healthy.

5. Avoid play-dates or having her share hugs and toys with friends who have just recovered or are suffering from the flu.

6. If your child does come home with a sore throat, don’t expect it to go away on its own. Make her some of my homemade remedy for a sore throat and if after a day she still feels poorly and a growing fever does not seem to be controlled with over the counter medication, take her in to see the doctor.

7. Some people recommend considering a flu shot before each flu season starts. You can get this done at your pediatrician (and yes, it is advised you do that if your child is younger than 18 months in age) or you can visit the CVS Pharmacy or MinuteClinic to get the same. (The advantage of getting your shot at the MinuteClinic or CVS Pharmacy is you will receive a 20% off CVS Shopping Pass after getting the shot. And yes, insurance is accepted.)

Learn how to protect yourself and those you care about against the flu!
In the end, we need to do what we can to keep our kids healthy and then turn it all over to God and trust Him to take care of the rest.


What do you do to prevent your child from catching the flu?



  1. Loads of good suggestions. I’m certainly going to check out your sore throat remedy.

  2. My daughter has just caught onto sneezing and coughing into her shirt. I can’t believe how well she is doing with it (she is 3), we also practice washing our hands and using Safe Hands (hand sanitizer). It’s so cute when she asks for it because she can’t quite pronounce “sanitzer’ Lots of great tips here. I just got my flu shot this week!

  3. These are all great tips for keeping the kids free of pretty much any cold. To absolutely protect them, number 7 is the only way to go. If you have kids, get that flu shot. The people who die from the flu are children and the elderly.

  4. These are great tips. I’m a big believer in flu shots, but I also follow these other tips. My sister uses them with her kids, too.

  5. I’ve been a true stickler when it comes to hand washing and I carry hand sanitizer everywhere I go. I love those small bottles from Bath and Body Works. They smell great and I can hang them off my purse for easy access.

  6. Our kids get their flu shots every year, and I always make sure they get plenty of sleep and a big glass of OJ every morning.

  7. We wash our hands extra well during cold/flu season. I always have a bottle of hand sanitizer easily accessible to everyone in the fam!

  8. This is such a timely post with lots of great suggestions. I will keep all of this in mind, and need to get down for our flu shots next week.

  9. We have done flu shots already. We do not know anyone where we are living now so we are pretty isolated. Unless my husband and oldest bring it home.

  10. Great tip about keeping the fingers out of their mouths! Nails are a great, GREAT place for germs (and almost more gross) particulates to hang out.

  11. Great tips… my kids drink plenty of water but I need to remember to pick up some OJ too. Thanks for sharing

  12. We always get flu shots in our house. Everyone has to get one to keep healthy. My baby and I are immunocompromised so it is really important to me.

  13. Thanks for all of these reminders. You really just can’t be too cautious where the flu is concerned.

  14. All these things combined really do make a big difference. I need to up my own Vitamin C now that I think of it.

  15. We try so hard to make sure we avoid people who have been sick! I get so frustrated when I see kids at school that should really not be there!

  16. My son has a heart defect so we have to watch this time of year closely! I can’t believe how many big things there are to watch this season already!

  17. i love the antibacterial properties of honey. I’d love to get into that regimen with my kids!

  18. Ah flu season has arrived. Never look forward to it. We are huge on washing our hands a lot, maybe a little too much.

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