5 Practical Gift Ideas for a Freshman

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Back to School with Mommy Snippets

The first day of school brings along a mixture of emotions…

excitement, concern, fear and/or joy. One never knows what the school year ahead holds and no, it doesn’t get easier when it’s your first day at high school, college or university. That same set of emotions follow along as the years roll on!

In our home, we always get our kids a new book as a back-to-school gift perhaps along with a new backpack or lunch-bag.

So what do you get your Freshman?

5 Practical Gift Ideas for a Freshman

5 Practical Gift Ideas for a Freshman


I’m all for getting gifts that are practical and worth the buck spent. Gifts that won’t be stashed to the side and forgotten about. The five gift suggestions highlighted fall well into that category.

1. Norton 360 Multi-Device

As parents we do everything we can to protect our kids from harm. So it definitely makes sense to extend that “mother hen” cover to our kids’ tech toys. The Norton 360 Multi-Device protects the user’s PC, Mac, Android smartphone, and Android tablet against viruses, dangerous downloads, phishing and malicious websites,  identity theft,  loss or theft of ones Android smartphone or tablet.

Norton 360 Multi-DeviceThe software monitors the user’s device, taps into any suspicious activity and eliminates potential threats.


These software packages are on the pricey end, so make sure you capitalize on those Norton by Symantec coupons, to get the best deal.

This is one gift your tech savvy kiddo will appreciate.

2. Post-it Pads, notes and reminder holders


Colorful notes always helped keep me organized while in college and yes, the Post-it Brand definitely has a lion’s share worth of note pads, page markers, note marks, stickies for devices and hang-on-the-wall reminders.

3. BIC Stationery Supplies

Who doesn’t need a pen? Why a variety of pens?

Just get your freshman a BIC assortment complete with white-out pens, mechanical pencils, precision pens, grip pens, fine tipped dry erase markers, guided line stylus’, metallic 4 color pens and more.


Gifting your child with the aids to encourage writing skills is beneficial as it not only develops your child’s emotional and cognitive development, but also fosters critical thinking skills and improves academic achievement. This is the heartbeat of their Fight For Your Write campaign.

4. Tracks On-Ear Headphones

This is your gift to the people around your freshman!


SOL Republic’s Tracks has a crisp clarity V8 HD sound engine, a 3 button mic and music control, boasts of being virtually indestructible. The speaker pads are comfortably padded and you can even interchange the headbands to possibly color coordinate with the look for the day!

5. Nick Vujicic’s book- “Stand Strong”

I can’t say enough about this book. This is a must-gift to any freshman. You never know if your child will experience bullying. If he/she does it’s better you have him/her equipped to be an overcomer through the same. Stand Strong is a book that will empower your child to rise above!

Stand Strong
Excerpt from the book: I am a bully’s dream, no doubt about it. No arms. No legs. No defense. Born without limbs for reasons never determined, I was blessed in so many other ways. My greatest blessing was a loving and supportive family. They sheltered and encouraged me for the first years of my life. But once I left the protective shelter of family for the hallways and playgrounds of elementary school, I felt like I had a target on my chest that said, “Bullies, aim here.”


What gift idea suggestions do you have for a freshman?



  1. I think it’s funny that we are headed right back to large headphones. NOt only does history repeat itself, fashion does, too!

  2. I have a few of Nick Vujicic’s and they are all so wonderful. You also can’t go wrong with a nice variety of post-its!

  3. What teenager doesn’t love post its? I always like locker decor of any kind too- especially the kind that deodorizes! Ha!

  4. Great, great list… I love the assortment. I remember collecting those post-its and using them ALL the time… Thanks so much for sharing.

  5. I could totally use all of these things for myself and it has been a long time since I have been a freshman. In addition to this, as a Freshman in college, I would say laundry detergent and lots of quarters! 🙂

  6. Lots of Kleenex and vitamins for college freshman. I only remember how sick I was that first year being exposed to new germs from other geographic areas and poor air circulation. I still managed to have the time of my life!

  7. We are a few years away from the freshman world, but these look like great ideas, some even for now! We always need headphones! And I am sure the book would be a great lesson for my son, and all of us. We talk about bullying all the time and how to support friends that are bullied (my son is kind of large so he is usually left alone in that regard).

  8. I think these are perfect for a college freshman! The post it notes are a great idea. I used so many in my college days.

  9. I knew that if people had to endure those uncomfortable ear buds long enough, they’d come back around to large headphones. I have a pair of large headphones that have sound dampening built in. They’re awesome. Even without any sound playing I can’t hear ANYTHING going on around me. And you know… that’s just nice sometimes.

  10. Pens, paper, and highlighters are a must buy for freshmen. Pens seem to get lost so quickly!

  11. Love the headphones being a gift for those around your freshman! The gift with multiple purposes, haha. I would love the Post-it notes for myself. I don’t have anyone near freshman age, but I am sure most of these are timeless. I’ll put them in my back pocket.

  12. What a great post.. my Son is starting College this year so these tips and products came in perfect timing; thanks for sharing, the sticky notes are a MUSt have, that’s for sure

  13. Those are great picks! I still need to pick up the school supplies for my kids. Nothing like waiting til the last minute!!

  14. I’m digging this Norton 360 Multi-Device. A lot of people don’t realize that smartphones and tablets can be invaded by viruses just like a computer.

  15. Yes, Norton 360 is so important to protect those devices!! We have been using it for over 8 years ourselves!

  16. I received a ton of school supplies before college. I also loved getting organizational stuff to store stuff in my small dorm!

  17. I love post it notes and think everyone needs them. I’ve been seeing more and more of the big headphones lately.

  18. I think the headphones are a really good idea. Not only for the occasional school purpose, but also because many kids use them on buses!

  19. I went through post its like crazy when I was in school, I even made a calendar out of them! These are great ideas!

  20. What great choices! I started using mechanical pencils in our homeschooling last year and now my kids do not want to use anything else!

  21. Great post! My oldest is going into grade 6 but this is helpful because he could use most of it too!

  22. These are all great ideas. I would also add in a usb drive. My daughter is forever needing one!

  23. My daughter was a freshman last year. I got her a laptop and it’s been very helpful with her school projects.

  24. An Anti virus is a great idea for a freshman gift or anyone for that matter!

  25. wait, BIC makes kids pens now? That is just awesome!! I’m going to have to go looking for those!

  26. You can never have enough pens — or highlighters! And headphones are a definitely plus for studying in the library. 🙂

  27. That books sounds like a great book. I wish we could protect our kids forever from the world.

  28. I love homemade cookies and reminders from home. I definitely needed some comfort when I was away that first year

  29. Those are some great picks. I especially like the headphones, and the BIC supplies.

  30. These are some perfect Back-to-School items for freshman (and other classes too). I always loved having everything that I needed.

  31. This is a great post. Great ideas, I’ve just learned something new and found something I need.

  32. I think that the Norton anti-virus is a great gift! Nothing is worse than having your PC crash in college!

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