How adorable are American Girl WellieWishers dolls? (+ Giveaway)

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We’re living in a time where we need a whole lot of love and a ton load of kindness. In a world where hate has become more common than ever before, may we as parents strive to raise children who choose love and kindness over anything else.

As if these dolls could not debut at a more perfect time, American Girl introduces their new line of WellieWishers dolls.

WellieWishers Group-LRHow adorable are American Girl WellieWishers dolls?

Standing at 14.5″ tall, the WellieWishers are a group of friends whose life motto is to be governed by empathy, kindness, and compassion.  Emerson, Ashlyn, Willa, Kendall and Camille love to play and explore through world’s of imagination, in their Aunt Miranda’s neighborhood garden. The sweet girls set off on several adventures and learn how to be a good friend, while “standing in another person’s wellies”.

Created keeping girls between the ages of 5-7 years, the dolls retail  for $60 and are a part of a line that includes American Girl’s first ever animated stories, early chapter books, playsets, charms, bracelets, clothes and even wellies for your sweet girl.WellieWishers Girl Outfits-Lifestyle-LR

Each little WellieWishers doll has her own personality.

Emerson loves the spotlight, Ashlyn’s a princess-in-training, Willa is an animal and nature lover, Kendall’s creative and Camille loves the ocean.Clo5y2NUsAAZ73_

Anyone who knows my girls would tell you they’re Willa all the way.

And one look at her and you will know animals and nature are her thing.

How adorable are American Girl WellieWishers dolls- MommySnippets (5)

Willa comes dressed in a pink hedgehog tee paired with a colorful hedgehog print (that could easily pass off for flowers at first glance) skirt complete with a matching bunny ear headband.

Attention to detail goes all the way to her sweet, smiling, ladybug wellies.

How adorable are American Girl WellieWishers dolls- MommySnippets (7)

As with all American Girl dolls, the features are spot on, right down to the freckles dancing over her nose to the beautiful hazel eyes and the soft ringlet curls that highlight her strawberry blond hair.
How adorable are American Girl WellieWishers dolls- MommySnippets (8)She’s a sweet reminder that kindness doesn’t end with the people around you but also goes beyond to the world we live in and the creatures that live therein.

How would you like to win a WellieWishers doll for your little girl?

Our friends over at American Girl have been kind to give one of my readers an American Girl WellieWishers doll of their choice. How adorable are American Girl WellieWishers dolls- MommySnippets (3)

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  1. Emerson is the doll I maybe would chose if I won! They are all so doggone cute!

  2. My little lady is a lot like Kendall as they both like to craft. I really like Willa; we both love nature. These dolls are so cute. Thank you for a chance to win.

  3. I would love to win the Camille for my youngest granddaughter! They are so adorable!!

  4. My daughter would love Kendall. She is all about polka dots, stripes and bright colors, so I know she’d love her!

  5. our grand-daughter is so much like willa With her love for animals and sports she always has the desire to run and be first

  6. Willa has pretty long strawberry blond hair like my daughter. Willa loves animals. My daughter has never met a dog or cat that is a stranger. She would take everyone home with her if she could.

  7. I would love to have one of these beautiful dolls in my home for my grandchildren to play with.

  8. I think my 2 girls would either be Willa or Camille. I am not sure because I will be adopting them and I don’t know their personalities completely yet. All the dolls are adorable!

  9. I think my daughter is most like Willa. She loves animals, and loves to climb! She’s very adventurous!

  10. They’re all cute but I think she’d most like Kendall. Thanks.

  11. Love these so much! Gives me great memories of playing with AG Dolls when I was young.

  12. It would have to be Willa because of the ladybug boots. Theses are adorable

  13. Ashlyn for my little princess Aubree. She looks most like her and loves all things princess.

  14. Camille is most like my daughter… she loves the oceanand blue/green are her favorite colors too!

  15. Willa is definitely my Larkyn. Larkyn loves the Outdoors and ladybugs are one of her faves. Larkyn would love Willa!

  16. I’d like to win Willa! My niece would love her hair and outfit!

  17. Oh they are all so cute. I love what they stand for. So great for the kids! I think Kayla would love Willa! Looks just like her!

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