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Shopping for the Travel Mom at Best Buy (#GreatestMom)

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Travel has always been something our family loves doing.

The shrieks of excitement from the kids when we tell them we’re packing up for a trip, always makes traveling so worth the while.

We’ve had friends advise us against the same but we’re of the mindset that travel opens up one’s mind and provides an exposure to all that’s out there. And while we can, we’re going to travel as much as we can with the kids.


With our littlest turning 2 months old earlier this month, I’m excited to possibly take our first road trip with her over the next month or two. You really don’t have to wait till your kids are old enough to be in school to travel…

the earlier the better.

As a personal preference we chose to wait till our daughter got her first set of major shots last week before we thought of chalking up any travel plans. (And while this meant turning down our invite to Disneyland for Disney Social Media Moms earlier this month, we decided to follow what our hearts said.) So now we’re ready!

Having said that, I know I need to update my travel carry-alongs and with Mother’s Day right around the corner, Best Buy has quite a few goodies that I have my eye on!



Shopping for the Travel Mom at Best Buy


Best Buy has gifts for all types of Moms. Yes, even the Travel Mom, like me, and three tech treats this Mama has on her wish list are:

1. A Nikon D5300 (Yes, I’m ready to finally step away from a manual camera!)

2. A Lenovo Yoga 2 (My laptop died a sad death two days ago and as I window shop for a replacement, this looks like a handy-dandy, easy-to-carry-along-when-we-travel piece. ) and

3. A Dynex External Battery (A must, considering we spend hours away from the hotel room, when we travel)


Thankfully, these goodies come along with a low price guarantee ,  free shipping with qualified purchases and great customer service backing. (That definitely makes paying for all this easier.) 

Best Buy also has some great promotion offers like the one for 20% off all Misfit Shine products

20  off Misfit Shine Products   Wolf Blogging Network

So tell me, are you a Travel Mom? What’s on your wish list this Mother’s Day?


  1. I would love any of those things. I will have to send my hubby on a little shopping trip!

  2. I love my grown up camera. I even bought a big bag for it – you’ll love yours.

  3. I love to shop at best buy, they always have the best deals, and I am sure I will find something mom will love!

  4. Best Buy has very nice products to get for the traveling mom. I like their cameras because they are priced right and I like getting good deals on it!

  5. I need a new camera so bad, it’s almost pathetic. I may just buy my own gift, because I have no kids, lol.

  6. Best Buy is the place I know that I can find some thing that my mom wants or needs. No kidding. She loves getting gift certificates for Best Buy. She is a gamer, believe it or not, and recently got her Razer Naga gaming mouse from there.

  7. As a mom, I can definitely say that camera would make me happy as a gift! Great ideas, Marina!

  8. My mother could surely use a new tablet or camera! Great ideas!

  9. I have been wanting to invest in a tablet. It would be nice to have at home and use during travel to be able to entertain the kids.

  10. I just got back from a trip for work and I could have really used a Mophie juice pack for my phone. I picked up an iPad air before I went out of town and I absolutely love it!!!

  11. I love Best Buy! I always check there when buying tech an entertainment products!

  12. I love to travel and yes, all of those things would be useful! New cameras are always welcome!

  13. Great ideas for gifts. I’d love a few things from Best Buy for Mother’s Day.

  14. I love to shop at best buy, they always have the best deals. Lots of great ideas for Mom!

  15. We don’t travel too much, but like you…I’d love a new camera! Nikon is an excellent brand. We love Best Buy….my husband could spend HOURS in there!

  16. i’m not a mom but travel is definitely on my list. hoping i will make it to vegas this summer!

  17. I’m a wannabe travel mom. We haven’t traveled as much as we used to since we’ve had kids. We’re planning to do more of it now though. I’m looking forward to it. Starting with our summer vacay!

  18. Best buy definitely has some great gear! I love all the techy stuff they offer.

  19. I agree, well not totally. Because besides travel, books also make you richer!

  20. Oh my goodness that quote is so very true. I really like that. I also need to go to best buy and browse around for my mom.

  21. I would love to travel, just not in the cards right now. Maybe one day soon. Great gift picks

  22. I think travel is the greatest way to spend money. So many memories are made during travel!

  23. Those sound like great pieces! I’m looking to updating my iPhone to a new 5 and getting a battery pack for it as well.

  24. I need a new camera. Perhaps if I drop enough hints I will get one for Mother’s Day.

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