20 of the best STEAM gifts for kids

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affiliatesI am sure most of you are familiar with the topic STEM, which stands for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. There is now a twist to this new topic, which is called STEAM. The “A” stands for art. When I learned about this idea, I couldn’t have been more excited. Kids are naturally drawn to art. By incorporating art into all of these other subjects, we can attract kids to educational activities, without the tug and pull some kids will put us through.

20 of the best STEAM gifts for kids

From using the power of the sun to create shadow prints to building a doodling robot, these must have STEAM gifts will captivate every kid on your gift list.

  1. STEAM Kids Book of Experiments: This book has an entire years worth of experiments to try. Way to keep kids busy!
  2. Pressed Flower Art Kit: Preserve your favorite flowers and create gift cards with this kit.
  3. Just Add Milk: Turn artwork into suncatchers and mousepads. All you need to do is add milk.
  4. Science Art Fusion Bubbles Kit: Science, art, and bubbles. I don’t think it can get any better than this.
  5. Natural Rock Art Kit: Take your kids on a rock hunt and transform their finds into bright critters with a little bit of paint and imagination.
  6. Science Art Fusion Space Kit: Create your own solar system.20-of-the-best-steam-gifts-for-kids-mommysnippets-com
  7. Sun Art Paper Kit: Make shadow prints with the power of the sun.
  8. Grow Your Own Crystal Jewelry Science Kit: Growing crystals is fun, this kit steps it up a notch and shows you how to make jewelry out of those crystals.
  9. Paper Recycling Kit: Turn discarded paper into a work of art by recycling.
  10. Sculptures Kit: Create different sculptures such as a DNA model, shadow model, a salt sculpture, and more.
  11. Doodling Robot: Build a robot that can draw pictures.
  12. Crazy Aaron’s Mixed By Me Thinking Putty Kit: Mix your very own putty combinations.
  13. Create Your Own Lip Balm Lab Kit: Get creative and make a variety of different lip balms.
  14. Kaleidoscope Kit: Use polished gemstones, dried flowers, and more to make a kaleidoscope that resembles the wonder of nature.
  15. Spirograph: Design colorful creations with this classic toy.
  16. Illusion Science: Draw optical illusions and learn the science behind how they work.
  17. Bubble Gum Chemistry Kit: This kit isn’t too artsy, but you still get to be creative.
  18. Science Arts Book: Use common household items to conduct over 200 scientific experiments involving art.
  19. Origami Zoo Kit: Learn the art of origami and incorporate animal science at the same time.
  20. Glow in The Dark Fun Lab: Get creative with glow in the dark stars, slime, and a slime powered light.

These STEAM gifts for kids will bring an excitement of learning that we all crave for our children to have. Fostering our little scientists, artists, engineers, and mathematicians is so important. With these gift options, it will be a snap teaching them something new.

What STEAM gifts will you be putting under the tree this year? 20-of-the-best-steam-gifts-for-kids-mommysnippets-com

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