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Smashburger- Casual Dining Packed With Flavor!

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After a 6 hour road trip to Houston and finding we needed to wait a bit to check into our hotel room, Hubs and I knew we needed to fuel up the kids…and quick!

Our solution?

Hit the Smashburger on Town and Country Boulevard, just a few minutes away from the Hotel Sorella.

Smashburger- Casual Dining Packed With Flavor!  - Mommy Snippets

Being first-timers to Smashburger, I guess the lost sheep expression on our faces, as we skimmed through the menu, was enough to send Ms. Clover to our rescue. (If ever you step into the Town and Country Boulevard restaurant, you’re sure to spot her out. Incredibly sweet lady who makes it a point to go beyond her call of service to make the guests at the dining establishment comfortable)

Smashburger- Casual Dining Packed With Flavor!  (3)


We learnt that we could build our own burgers and were actually encouraged to do so.

Smashburger- Casual Dining Packed With Flavor!  (4)

Being spicy, fried chicken lovers, Hubs and I knew we wanted to stay loyal to our taste-buds and went to town with the toppings and the highly recommended Smash sauce accompaniment.

Smashburger- Casual Dining Packed With Flavor!  (8)

Our 3 year old on the other hand insisted on getting a hot dog (quite a sizer for a kids meal!) but chose to eat off our burgers once his arrived!

Smashburger- Casual Dining Packed With Flavor!  (7)

After taking our orders, Ms. Clover handed over our refreshments and with a wink said it was on the house, courtesy of Ms. C.  (Now that’s the way to win a customer!!)


I’m glad we picked what we did because our meals were  hearty, yummy and not overly greasy.

Smashburger- Casual Dining Packed With Flavor!  (2)

I do wish we remembered to order the Smash fries but tried to make up for it by dipping our Sweet Potato Fries in the Smash sauce accompaniment requested.

Smashburger- Casual Dining Packed With Flavor!  (1)


I will admit I’m not a huge fan of fast food dining but we do make an occasional exception to the rule. And after biting into that crispy chicken burger, swimming in Smash sauce and garnished with generous servings of golden onions, topped with pickles, tomatoes and lettuce…

Smashburger- Casual Dining Packed With Flavor!  (9)

I know this is one casual dining place packed with flavor, that I will frequent again.

Very soon!


Have you visited your local Smashburger? Do you have a favorite off the menu?



  1. I haven’t been able to get to Smashburger but I would love too. Next time I am in Atlanta I will be sure to visit!

  2. They do have great customer service for everyone, not just press. That hot dog is huge, I didn’t even know they served hot dogs.

  3. This is one of our favorites! And the kids love it as well. I always get our San Diego Smashburger. So tasty!

  4. I’ve never been to SmashBurger because there are non close to me, but judging by the name alone I would expect thte food to be delicious!

  5. Oh my gosh this looks soooo good, we don’t have a smashburger here but I saw one in Atlanta when we were there the last time, now I am wishing we had eaten there!

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