CityPASS…The affordable (and best) way to explore Houston with your family.

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Our family loves to travel and while exploring the city we visit is always a must, I have to admit, it isn’t always very affordable.

Thankfully several cities have tied up with CityPASS to make life so much easier for many families.

CityPASS...The affordable (and best) way to explore Houston with your family.

10 million travelers from 1997, to be precise!


Take a look at how much a CityPASS costs for each member in your family…

CityPASS...The affordable (and best) way to explore Houston with your family.

Now look at the number of attractions you can visit at that price…

Five attractions in all…

1. The Space Center Houston

2. Downtown Aquarium

3. Houston Museum of Natural Science

4. Houston Zoo or the Kemah Boardwalk

5. The Children’s Museum of Houston or the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston.


Regular priced tickets for an adult to the Space Center Houston, Downtown Aquarium, Houston zoo, Children’s Museum and the Museum of Natural Sciences alone costs a painful 70.94 US$.

The CityPASS also allows holders of the same to avail of a 10% discount at gift shops at most of the featured attractions and dining discounts at the Aquarium too.


For a family of 4, I definitely think investing in a CityPASS is the most affordable (and best way) to explore Houston.

(Oh and if you plan to do BlogHer 13 in a few days, consider staying on a few days in the windy city and exploring the place with a CityPASS) 


  1. I definitely think a CityPASS is the way to go to explore. Much cheaper and allows us to hit all the highlights.

  2. never heard of something like this but MAN Its cool. for real! i want one. of course, i’d need airfare and a hotel first. LOL

  3. Thanks!! I’ll have to keep this in mind the next time my family heads to Houston.

  4. I’m taking notes!! Seriously, great information for those traveling to Houston!!

  5. CityPass is the best bang for the buck when exploring your home city or one you are just visiting.

  6. Definitely agree CityPass is the best way to experience Houston and any of the other cities they offer passes.

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