Easy DIY Pipe Cleaner Flower Craft for Preschoolers

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Everyone knows March 14th is Pi Day but many don’t know that it is also National Children’s Craft Day.

It’s a day to celebrate how crafts helps encourage creativity, build confidence and fine motor skills in a child.

Dottie and Little Man love raiding my craft drawers for odds and ends. It’s always fun to see the end result of what comes out of a happy mess of paint, cardstock, paint, glitter and what not!

Easy DIY Pipe Cleaner Flower Craft for Kids - Mommy Snippets (2)

To celebrate National Children’s Craft Day I gave Little Man a pack of pipe cleaners/chenille stems and cardstock and asked him to make whatever he wanted with the same.

He made me flowers!

Easy DIY Pipe Cleaner Flower Craft for Kids - Mommy Snippets

Easy DIY Pipe Cleaner Flower Craft for Preschoolers 

This is a craft my 4 year old thought up and made independently, so yes, your preschooler can work on this without any help.

Materials Needed:

Green Pipe Cleaners

Red or Different Colored Cardstock

Kid safe scissors

A Flower Cookie Cutter{ You can also use a stencil or make a template}


1. Draw the outline of a flower, on the cardstock,  using the cookie cutter.

Easy DIY Pipe Cleaner Flower Craft for Kids - Mommy Snippets (7)

2. Cut out the flower shapes.

Easy DIY Pipe Cleaner Flower Craft for Kids - Mommy Snippets (1)

3. Take each flower cut-out, fold the flower in half and cut a small slit in the middle.

Easy DIY Pipe Cleaner Flower Craft for Kids - Mommy Snippets (3)

4. Now take a pipe cleaner, slip one side through the slit.

Easy DIY Pipe Cleaner Flower Craft for Kids - Mommy Snippets (4)5. Now twirl that end around to form a small coil/knot.

Easy DIY Pipe Cleaner Flower Craft for Kids - Mommy Snippets (5)

And there you have it…

pretty Spring flowers, ready to place in a vase!

Easy DIY Pipe Cleaner Flower Craft for Kids - Mommy Snippets (6) Kids can have tons of fun with pipe cleaners!

With a little winding and curling…

and the use of a glue gun and googly eyes, they made a sweet little spider to hang up in Little Man’s preschool class’ web.

Pipe Cleaner Spider

Craft supplies aren’t expensive if you shop at the right places. I love partnering with the Dollar Tree on campaigns as it has been one of our favorite craft supply stock up stores. With everything priced at a dollar a pack, it definitely helps serve that craft budget well.

It will soon be time to stock up on our pipe cleaner stash as I see my son raiding the drawer for the last few cleaners. Pipe cleaner rings are next on his agenda!



  1. These are absolutely adorable and would make great presents for Mothers’ Day! I am definitely pinning this, I think we will give it a try this weekend 🙂 thanks!

  2. How cute and easy to make these are. I remember way back when playing with pipe cleaners–my imagination really used to go crazy with a couple of those in my hands.

  3. Making crafts are so much fun and great to do on a rainy day like yesterday! I like the cute Pipe Cleaner flower craft idea. My niece and nephew would love to make these.

  4. these flowers are so cute. I love doing crafts with the kids. We will have to make these.

  5. When my daughter was little we used to craft with pipe cleaners all the time. She loved those things! This is a really cute craft project too!

  6. What a fun kids craft! Not a lot of supplies needed and it looks so cute when it’s finished. We’ll have to try this when my niece and nephews visit.

  7. Ok this is an awesome craft! I think this is definitely something my two year old can do so I will definitely have to try this!

  8. What a great craft to do with the little ones. That is seriously adorable.

  9. I love this craft. It’s fun and easy. I always found when my children were small that you can craft just about anything with pipe cleaner.

  10. How sweet! My daughter loves making flowers with pipe cleaners too. Haven’t done the spider yet

  11. This brings back memories. MY daughter and I used to do this kind of craft but we used candy wrappers. You were right, I didn’t know it was also the Children’s Craft Day.

    1. How fun! I have to introduce that to the kids… except I would need to hide the candy in those wrappers first!!

  12. These are such fun crafts to make with the kids!! Pipe cleaners are fun to do crafts with.

  13. I had no idea that it was craft day as well!! Those are cute crafts with the pipe cleaner!!

    1. Apparently March is also National Craft Month so you still have over ten days of celebration left. 😉

  14. These are fantastic! I love the cutting skills practice too! We are definitely going to try this!

  15. Oh gosh, this looks wonderful indeed! I like it.. It makes me want to work on this for fun, haha!

  16. I love using pipe cleaners for making crafts and these flowers are so cute along with the lil spider too. I will have to make these with my nieces two lil ones. They would have fun making flowers for their mom. Thanks for sharing.

  17. Wow! Thank you for sharing a creative yet easy to do craft. I think I am going to try this out with my 5 years old.

  18. This is a fun thing to do at home! My daughter will enjoy making these.

  19. I will let my kids see this, I’m sure they would love this craft. The spider looks amazing!

  20. Oh my gosh, these flowers brought back wonderful memories. My daughter made me these at school over 30 years ago and I still have them. Now my grandchildren can make them for their mom. Thanks!

  21. Thanks so much for reminding me of this craft. I had forgotten about these. We use to do it in bible school. Making things. I think my grandchildren will love making these.

  22. What a fun little craft! 🙂 It’s super easy, too – which is great for toddlers! Love this!

  23. Oh my gosh, these are adorable, and you’re right they are really easy to make. I believe my kids would have a field day making me these. I’d have more flowers than I would know what to do with if I showed them how to do this. This is perfect for Mother’s Day gift.

  24. I love using and incorporating Pipe Cleaners into crafts with the kits, you can use them to make so much awesome things, like these pretty flowers. Very pretty!

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