Dress for the holidays with OshKosh B’Gosh {+ 25% off #GiveHappy Coupon}

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We love the holidays. As soon as the weather starts to get a little cooler, fall fragrances waft through the air and warm earthy tones set the mood wherever we go, you will notice everyone just seems a little happier.

It’s also a time when Hubs and I have to keep each other in check, as parents, to ensure we celebrate the Reason for the Season and focus on gratitude over gluttony.

I love that OshKosh B’Gosh has centered their holiday line, this year, around a similar sentiment…



This Christmas we’re hoping the kids will have more opportunities to experience the joy of giving back in different ways…

through acts of love, service and time.

So even as I sat down to pick Christmas outfits for the kids I decided to narrow down to outfits that weren’t over-the-top dressy but pretty, affordable, wearable for several activities planned and yes, festive looking too.

Dress for the holidays with OshKosh (105)

Dress for the holidays with OshKosh B’Gosh 

With the introduction of the Baby B’Gosh line earlier last year, shopping for holiday clothing for my 8 year old, 4 year old and 9 month old was so convenient this year. There are a handful of stores we shop at for the kids. OshKosh is one of them, mainly because the clothes are durable, trendy and affordable. (Especially when you shop smart and use coupons!)

This year I decided to shop online to see if I could coordinate clothing for all three clothes at leisure without feeling rushed. Considering I knew what to get size-wise for the kids it was easy. (I generally need to get my 8 year old a size 12 because she’s tall. My 4 year old sizes up well in a size 5 and this time round I did notice that the 12 month sized dress just fits my 9 month old, so I may exchange this for a larger size.) The only things I miss, while shopping online, are the clearance racks at my OshKosh outlet store. They always have some really sweet deals!

When the kids dressed up in their outfits for our Christmas pictures at the park, I was thrilled.  OshKosh never fails to live up to expectations!

Dress for the holidays with OshKosh

As if it wasn’t enough to find a pretty, age appropriate, navy blue cotton dress with sparkly silver dots on it for my 8 year old to wear, they had an identical piece in their baby line as well. We paired hers with an elegant, off-white, shimmer, cable-knit cardi and tights.

Paired Little Missy’s with an off-white, light cardi and gray tights.

How cute is this?

Dress for the holidays with OshKosh (104)

And both outfits suit the girls beautifully.

So yes, if you have daughters widely spaced in age, you don’t have to feel sad about not being able to find clothes that match. You know where to go now!

Dress for the holidays with OshKosh (77)

Little Man always looks dapper in plaid, so I couldn’t resist getting the red button front, cotton, plaid for him. We paired his shirt with jeans and he insisted on sporting his Crocs boots to complete the look.

Dress for the holidays with OshKosh (44)

Considering we used a 25% off coupon (yes the same one I’m sharing below so you can rake up those savings too!), I was able to pick up fleece cozies for all three kids as well.

Thankfully our corner of Texas does not get any snow (though my 8 year old is praying that that changes this year) so these will be great for those days when there’s a chill in the air.

Dress for the holidays with OshKosh (90)

And yes, Little Missy and Dottie were able to match in their pinks once again!
Dress for the holidays with OshKosh (92)Little Man loves his navy-but-looks-more-like-gray, full-zip cozie. He insists it makes his look like his favorite Olympic athlete-Usain Bolt!! (Not sure where he gets these gems from!)

Dress for the holidays with OshKosh (85)

I paid less than $95 for the three outfits and the cozies…

definitely worth the money spent as the quality and durability of the OshKosh label is one that’s yet to fail me.

Dress for the holidays with OshKosh (103)

Ready to shop? I have an exclusive 25% off , in-store/online OshKosh coupon

Whether you plan to shop online or in your local OshKosh store (here’s a store locator), use this 25% off a $30 minimum purchase coupon till 12/31/2014.

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How does your family plan to “Give Happy” this Christmas season?


  1. My kids have long outgrown OshKosh. When they were little though, I always bought them adorable outfits with the OshKosh Label. Their clothes are amazing.

  2. I love Osh Kosh. Their clothes are very practical and cost-effective for a growing family. They also wash very well. My daughter loves their elastic waist corduroy skirts!

  3. We always do a big canned good donation around the holidays. Everyone brings something to dinner, and then we take it to the food repository.

  4. Those outfits are just adorable. I’ve always loved Osh Kosh for their selection and durability.

  5. I Love the outfits you picked. Our family plans to donate clothing to a local family in need this holiday season.

  6. We used to dress our daughter in OshKosh all the time. Their clothes are so cute, and they’re really well made. That’s a really good combo for kids.

  7. I just love the OshKosh fashion line for kids! They always have such adorbale outfits! And the ones you picked are superb!

  8. My boys will be sporting holiday outfits from OshKosh too! I love that their clothing lasts long enough for both boys to get some wear out of them.

  9. First, let me start by saying your kids are stylin! I pretty much melted when I saw Little Miss’s adorable dress and off-white tights. As for Giving Happy, health permitting, I’d love to donate my time to a soup kitchen or some sort of holiday drive 🙂

  10. We like to volunteer at the local food bank during the holidays. I used to buy Oshkosh clothes for my kids when they were little. We always donated the clothes when my kids would outgrow them.

  11. There are so many ways we can Give Happy this holiday season. For neighbors and friends especially. I love the clothes you picked out from OshKosh.

  12. Great cause! I love their clothes, such great quality! Those outfits featured are adorable!!!

  13. I love, love, love OshKosh! I go in for a couple of things and walk out with bags and bags of stuff. Love them!

  14. This is a happy coupon because Osh Kosh already has low prices and with 25% off , just wow! Thanks for sharing the coupon and some cute outfits from Osh Kosh!

  15. These are all great outfits. Oshkosh was always a favorite brand in our house. I will have to look at the new baby line.

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