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5 ways to support a NICU family

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When my first born was born a week early and was rushed to the NICU for observation after birth, I remember feeling scared. By God’s Grace she didn’t have any birth complications but because there was a meconium leak in my amniotic fluid, the neo-natal team wanted to make sure she hadn’t swallowed any.

All three of my children have made their arrival in this world a few days prior or after their set due date. And for that I’m so thankful.

It isn’t easy when a baby is born premature and it’s harder still when there have been complications during the pregnancy or birth. As a friend or kin of the family that has just welcomed a preemie baby into their lives and has him/her in a NICU, how can you support them?

5 ways to support a NICU family- Mommy Snippets

 5 ways to support a NICU family 

Friends of ours from church tried several years to have a second child. After two miscarriages they were blessed with a baby girl but she arrived in this world several weeks early, at 29 weeks. The family’s world, for those few weeks, was rocked upside down. But thanks to the support of a great medical network, family, friends and church, they were able to slowly recover back to functionality. Several things helped make that possible:

1. Friends and family signed up to deliver meals to the parent who stayed at home with the older sibling and to the parent at the hospital.

2. Monetary donations were collected to help offset the many unplanned for expenses, making each day a little easier on the couple.

3. People took turns in babysitting the older sibling, taking him out to the park and the library so that Mom and Dad could spend some time together, at the hospital, with baby. Some friends even made care packages for the child and for the parents while at the hospital.

4. An impromptu baby shower of sorts was hosted in the church lobby to invite gifts for the Preemie as nothing, really, was in place when the little one arrived.

5. Prayer. Families and friends prayed for the child, the parents and everyone involved in working with the baby. My friend said knowing that her daughter was surrounded by prayer brought her so much peace and assurance each day. It made getting through each day so much easier. The notes and cards with words of encouragement and love, also helped.

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Would you share other ways one could support a NICU family?




  1. What great and thoughtful ways to help a family who really needs it. I love your ideas.

  2. I live in the south, so you know my answer is going to be food. It’s our answer for everything. And it works. When you’re sitting and worrying, the last thing on your mind is dinner.

  3. This is lovely. Wish I read this 7 yrs ago. A friend of mine had a baby In nicu she was preemie (3lbs) and I was in having my baby. I saw hers and I left in tears. Emotions were high already and I was in labour but I really didn’t know how to go about supporting her!

  4. Having a child in the NICU would be absolutely heartbreaking. I can only imagine the stress. It’s good to know things that would be helpful in case I ever know someone in this situation.

  5. These are all wonderful ideas. I think taking turns babysitting the older siblings is a fantastic way to help.

  6. My middle son was in the NICU and I would say the only thing I needed was prayer and my family and friends besides me. So I would say being a support for the families

  7. These are all very thoughtful and helpful ideas. I recently had a friend with a child in NICU and it is a very trying experience!

  8. When my best friend’s son was in the NICU, the most helpful things were entertaining her older child & always being a phone call away. Whether she wanted to chat about medical progress or reality tv, just being there was what she needed.

  9. this is a great program. This is a tough time for parents with babies in NICU and I am sure they need all the support they can get. I am sure just simple things as providing child care for siblings would go a long way. And prayers always helps

  10. I am a huge fan of March of Dimes and the work they do. They helped my mother when I was born 3 months early. I had to live in the hospital for 6 months and almost died a few times. Without their assistance and the fundraising efforts of my family, I have no idea where we would be.

  11. My nephew’s baby was recently born and taken to ICU for weeks. It’s nice when you know there are programs to help with whatever’s going on. My grandma was a big supporter of March of Dimes.

  12. I am so happy March of Dimes is still going strong! I know a few people who had premature babies and this a great informative post to bring awareness and helpful knowledge on this topic!

  13. These are wonderful, meaningful ideas to support the new mom, baby, family and friends when a child insists on being born before they are expected. I’m glad your situation turned out good. Money and visitors are definitely important, but prayer and the impromptu shower and babysitting are important, too.

  14. March of Dimes is a great organization and does so much good. I am so glad your situation turned out well!

  15. These are great tips to help families with a baby in nicu. March of Dimes is doing such a great job as well. Thank you for sharing.

  16. These are all great ways to help a family in need. Having a child in the NICU is So scary!

  17. One of my nieces was born at 23 weeks so they were in the nicu for a long time(she’s fine now- just celebrated her 1 year birthday). We’ve participated in the March of Dimes walk many times.

  18. My nieces were born premature as well. So thankful they healthy young ladies.

  19. This was such a great post to read. It’s so stressful to go from the joy of birth to the heartache of NICU!

  20. Thank you for sharing this. My sweet babies came out early and both had to go to the NICU. I’m so grateful for the work MOD does.

  21. Thankfully I never had to go through the ordeal of a baby in NICU but know lots of parents who did. I love everything March of Dimes does in our community

  22. What an awesome cause! My sister and dad have been doing the March of Dimes for a LONG time! Great job!

  23. Number one is prayer. I had a friend go through this and we rallied some moms to help with the other kids arranging play dates and taking care of sports commitments, etc…

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