Important things to consider when you buy a minivan

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When your family is growing and you know you need to trade in or sell your convertible for a larger vehicle, scouting dealerships for a more effective buy is generally on the cards. There are so many options to choose from and if a minivan features on top of your list, here are a few things you may want to consider. These pros and cons will help add substance to your decision to buy or hold back from going with the same.

What to consider when you buy a minivan-

What to consider when you buy a minivan


  1. Roomy:  Can seat a minimum of 7 people. Storage space in the trunk is also generous.
  2. Convenience with power sliding doors that open up wider than regular doors, plus the ease of getting kids in and out of the car and into car seats without a struggle.
  3. The ability to fold down the rear seats to make more room for cargo.
  4. Most vans also come with entertainment for rear seat passengers, which is extremely helpful on long road trips.
  5. The van is raised higher than cars making visibility while driving so much easier and thereby makes driving a lot safer.


  1.  Costwise, a minivan is more expensive than most family preferred cars. Along with that comes a higher vehicle insurance and while passing through toll roads, toll fees too.
  2. Barring the Toyota Sienna, no other minivan offers all-drive capability.
  3. The mileage you get on a car can in no way be compared with a minivan. (All minivans operate on V6 power)
  4. The height on the minivan can also be a con especially while taking turns, exiting highways or while driving in stormy weather with strong winds. The van could tend to tip more easily if care is not taken while driving.

Do the pros outweigh the cons in your consideration?


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