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Learning from a most unexpected source…Marc Mero

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When Marc Mero, a former WCW and WWE champion, walked out onto the Disney Social Media Moms stage, I really didn’t know what to expect.

Flashing his prized wrestling belt to the crowd, the session’s key note speaker already drew up in my mind a thought that I, perhaps, would not get anything substantial out of this session.

After all, how much insight could a wrestling champ give a crowd filled with hungry social media professionals?




I was wrong.

Horribly wrong!


Marc Mero’s story is one that needs to be listened to with a huge box of tissues. I won’t get into the details but this man is a testament of “making lemonade when life dishes you lemons“. (And believe me, if you hear his story, you’d agree that he was placed bang in the middle of a lemon orchard, no less!)


His message was crisp, clear and to the point.

No high tech social media formula to follow was offered, nor did he give us bullet points with success principles.

He basically just reminded us to be human.


Marc Mero-Disney Social Media Moms 2013-Energizer Bunnies Mommy Reports

Three things Marc shared stood out.


Three principles every professional writer/blogger should keep in mind…



You become who you surround yourself with


Ask yourself how you treat others


Never be so focused on making a living that you forget to live a life.


The choices you make in life are crucial. Irrespective of how lucrative an offer may look, keep in mind that family comes first.


Wise words from a man who learnt all this the hard way.

A reminder to all of us…

before time slips away from our hands and all we’re left with is a pile of “should have”, “could have”s!


Listening to Marc reminded me that I should never judge a book by its cover.

The session spoke volumes as a life instructional and honestly, that’s something all of us need.


And yes, I was humbled.

I learnt from a most unexpected source.


Marc Mero-Disney Social Media Moms 2013- Energizer Bunnies' Mommy Reports


For more information on the amazing work Marc Mero does, visit Champion of Choices. 



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  1. Those are great reminders! I would have been suspicious of his talk to but I’m glad we were both wrong!

  2. Such an inspiring presentation! Nobody in the room can say they weren’t tearing up.

    Great recap! He has gone through so much, yet he was able to turn his life around and move on in a positive light. Go Marc!

  3. I love his advice. The surrounding yourself by people and becoming like those you surround yourself with is so true.

  4. Gosh I would have LOVED to see him! And I can attest to #3 – I did the same thing and paid dearly for it.

  5. That sounds great!!! I need to work on #3. 🙁 I sit on my blog way too much! Life is just flying by!

  6. Those are definitely great principles to keep in mind. I wish I could have heard him speak.

  7. great reminders. especially living a life. you get one ride on this “boat”

  8. Great points! Really like the third. That applies to anyone with a job or other aspects of life we get so wrapped up we forget to have our own life!

  9. i love all of the quotes above especially the third one sometimes I need this little reminder 😉

  10. i love his advice. it’s so very true. it is nice to hear from people who have turned their lives around and give hope to others that they can also!

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