Why Life Insurance Is The Best Gift for Your Spouse

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With the way the economy turns, one can never predict the future. Yes, our trust is in God and His Providence for each day but if you aren’t doing the groundwork to safeguard your financial interests, I’m afraid I can’t say it will be easy. If you haven’t invested in life insurance for yourself, it’s never too late to start.

If you’ve been looking for a unique gift for your spouse and have turned every stone possible but still don’t have anything,

I’ve got the perfect gift suggestion for you!/

the best gift for your spouse

I see you just did a double-take but yes, why not gift your spouse with a worthwhile, practical gift.

A gift that won’t be like those gifts from past Christmases that were swapped,

stuffed into a corner in the closet,

and not the right size, color, or preference?


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Why does one need life insurance?

Most often the reason why this insurance is not considered a crucial must-have is mainly that its importance is not fully understood.

It is said if you have someone who depends upon you, be it a spouse, child, parent, or even a family member you are a caregiver for, the investment into a policy is a must.

Buying life insurance helps provide a form of financial security to your family.

Some people even look at it as an inheritance left for one’s children.

And it helps to clear and pay off any debts or financial commitments tied to your name or your family’s name.

One would think this is something everyone had but apparently, a survey conducted states that 30% of US households have no life insurance whatsoever.

Life Insurance: Whole vs Term

A good number of people just don’t know where to start,

whether to look for term life insurance quotes or whole life insurance quotes. 

To put it simply, a term life insurance is for a fixed time interval, say 10 years or 15 years,  and is not as expensive as a lifelong insurance plan. 

Life Insurance Whole Vs Term

Life is uncertain and though each one of us would love to live a good, long, independent, and fruitful life,

the uncertainties of life can bring along curveballs that could cut that life span short.

Learning about your options is important.

Understanding what life insurance is, in simple terms,

and getting sound financial advice from your financial advisors and resources always helps bring direction to those decisions.

Why Life Insurance Is The Best Gift for Your Spouse

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  1. My husband and I just filled out the paperwork through his work for benefits for next year and a life insurance policy for both him and I were one of the things we took on. It’s important. You never know what will happen in the future…it’s better to be prepared than no.

  2. Life insurance is def something every couple puts off. By giving it as a gift, you’re basically forcing yourselves to take action. Awesome idea.

  3. Hubby and I both have life insurance on each other and we have a policy on our kids. I know some think that is horrible but heaven forbid something were to happen it’s nice knowing we have it.

  4. We have life insurance and it brings so much peace of mind, so yes, I would say it’s a great gift!

  5. Financial security and peace of mind really do make great gifts! Also works great for newlyweds and new parents!

  6. I think life insurance is a great gift! We just got a policy for my husband and I’m working on getting myself a policy too.

  7. We do need life insurance. It’s one of those things we should spend our money on but don’t.

  8. We have life insurance for sure. I am actually afraid not to have it with my daughter’s health problems.

  9. You know, that is such an amazing idea! Never would have thought of that, thanks for thinking of it! I need to look into it!

  10. I feel lucky that my parents thought ahead – they bought me my own policy when I was a kid and transferred it over to me when I became an adult.

  11. You have to have life insurance. You never know when you will need it and you have to protect yourself and your family.

  12. What a great idea. My husband and I have talked about it, but have never actually gotten it.

  13. A lot of people surprisingly don’t even think about life insurance! It’s so important to have, especially if you’re a couple with children. If something was to ever happen to you, you want to make sure your family has some help afterwards.

  14. I honestly would have never thought of this as a gift- unique idea. I think me and my hubby watch too many “snapped” episodes- he’d probably think im trying to kill him off lol

  15. Oh, I don’t want to think about it, but I can see how this is a valuable gift to one’s spouse.

  16. This is something that we all need to think about and plan for! I know my husband and I need to set this up.

  17. That is so funny, my husband and I were talking about getting some for my inlaws for the holidays, I didn’t think about getting it for him. Thanks for the idea

  18. Such an important conversation to have with your spouse. It’s a crazy though, but dying is expensive.

  19. You never know the importance of life insurance until you are denied. I highly recommend everyone getting it now, and getting whole life vs term insurance.

  20. Gosh, I have to say my husband is the bread winner, but boy would it be tough without me!

  21. Life Insurance is such a good idea, but something that often gets ignored. I’d never thought about it as a great Christmas gift!

  22. It is so important to have, we have small insurance on each other. I know that my insurance needs to be higher since I bring in too incomes and my husband works longer hours due to me being able to take care of getting the kids to school. I do hope that we never have to use it.

  23. I totally agree.. Life Insurance is a MUSt and would make the best present ever if you ever need it.. we just evaluated our insurance info and we need to up it alittle bit; thanks for the remainder, going to do this right away.

  24. I have heard great things about this company – good to know for retirement in many years to come.

  25. This is something that everyone needs to consider. Even if you don’t turn it into a gift, making sure both people in a couple have enough life insurance is critical.

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