Kingdom Strollers Made My Family’s Trip to Disney World Stress-Free!

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When we knew we were going to visit Walt Disney World, after our earlier trips I knew we needed to get a stroller.  After researching various options I found Kingdom Strollers was the most reliable and viable one for our budget.

Why did we choose Kingdom Strollers?

My kids love spending a day at the Parks and at Disney that love just escalates.

There’s always so much to do, so much to see, so much ground to cover!!

But when you weigh the pelting rays of the sun along with the crazy humidity and the number of steps a child has to take from one end of a Disney Park to the other, you’re sure to have not just one but several melt-downs through the day.

My son just turned 3 but he is tall and I’d like to say, he has heavy bones.

Poor Hubs is the one who generally faces the brunt of it when he pleads to be carried halfway through a long day.

Dottie just turned 7 and is tall but not heavy, so the recommendation to try renting a stroller while at Disney was accepted with great excitement from a certain Mom and Dad!

After reading several Kingdom Strollers reviews I decided to reach out to the company myself.

Being the first time we’ve ever rented a stroller,  I had a bunch of questions to ask.

Knowing you may be overwhelmed with all the Kingdom Stroller rental reviews out there, I thought it would be helpful to share my experience with you. 

Please note I received a complimentary rental period to try this service out. All opinions are my own.

Kingdom Strollers made Disney so much more enjoyable!-Energizer Bunnies' Mommy Reports

Reviewing Kingdom Strollers Walt Disney World, Florida

The day we reached Disney’s Contemporary Resort, we checked in to our room at Front Desk, had our bags sent up, picked up our waiting stroller from the bell desk and headed to the Parks. Simple as that!

Kingdom Strollers-Energizer Bunnies' Mommy Reports (2)

And to ensure we knew exactly which stroller was ours and nobody else took off with the recommended City Elite Jogger, Kingdom Strollers slapped a super cute tag to the storage basket at the bottom.

Kingdom Strollers-Energizer Bunnies' Mommy Reports (3)

Having both kids comfortably placed in the stroller allowed us to stay at the Parks from sun up to sun down without any melt-downs and with lots of energy conserved!

My daughter was initially embarrassed to sit in the stroller but after day 1, realized it was a smart decision to make the most of her space on the same.

Kingdom Strollers-Energizer Bunnies' Mommy Reports (4)

Maneuverability through the Parks, onto the trains, down ramps and onto the shuttles was easy even though this is a large stroller.

Personally, this Mama loved the various pockets, compartments and storage areas on the City Elite Double Stroller as it allowed us to carry quite a bit into the Parks comfortably!.

The mini cooler was also a great add-on to keep water cool while at the Parks.

Kingdom Strollers-Energizer Bunnies' Mommy Reports (6)

The kids insisted they were comfortable and well shaded through the day.

And I do believe that as my little man is not the sort who will sit in a stroller for long periods of time otherwise.

On this trip, it was a whole different story!

Kingdom Strollers-Energizer Bunnies' Mommy Reports (5)

And yes, having the stroller on hand definitely made waiting in line so much easier on everyone!!

Kingdom Strollers-Energizer Bunnies' Mommy Reports (1)

Take a look at the video to learn more on why I thought renting a stroller while at Disney was a wise, wise decision!



Yes, on the video I did mention the delivery of water crates along with your stroller.

Kingdom Strollers does provide you with crates of water if required for your stay (definitely recommended if you don’t have a car and will be relying on Disney transportation through the trip) for a nominal charge.

The stroller you rent also comes with a free rain cover that didn’t need to be used, thankfully, during the week we were at Disney..

Kingdom Strollers Made My Family’s Trip to Disney World Stress-Free!

On the day we were checking out, we checked in our bags via the airline counter at the hotel, spent 6 hours at Animal Kingdom, drove back to the hotel, handed over the stroller to the bell desk and headed off to the airport to catch our flight home.

No paperwork needed to be filled out nor did we need to wait for someone to come to pick up the stroller to leave.

So, so convenient!.

And we noticed, through the different Parks, several other families chose to go the Kingdom Strollers route too.

If you take into consideration the awesome customer service,

the quality of the strollers (each stroller, by the way, is cleaned thoroughly after each rental, so you do get a clean stroller for use.).

the affordability of renting outside the Parks, ease of not needing to lug a bulky stroller from home

and convenience from start to finish,

Kingdom Strollers wins hands down!

Thanks to a gentle nudge to just go ahead and book that rental, I have to admit that Kingdom Strollers made Disney so much more enjoyable this time around!

The whole rental experience was so easy and stress-free.



When you visit large tourist attractions, do you rent or carry along your own stroller?



  1. Wow! I’ll have to remember this when we go to disney. Much more convienant that dragging our umbrella stroller with us!

  2. Oh those strollers look amazing!!!! I would love to do this next time we go to Disney!

  3. Love that first photo, how cute! A great stroller makes all the difference when at Disney, even to store all the stuff you carry!

  4. Those look like super comfy strollers! It’s nice that Disney rents out high-quality rides for little ones!

    1. This isn’t from the Disney Parks actually. Disney does rent out but the rental per day is way more expensive than renting with Kingdom Strollers for a week!

  5. That is such a great idea. I don’t have any kids yet, but I can imagine that renting is a lot easier than lugging your own stroller(s) everywhere!!

  6. I love how even though it’s a double, it’s so compact! That must have made it so much easier.

  7. I always brought my own, but honestly, this sounds way easier to do it the rental way!

  8. A good stroller makes all the difference when you are visiting amusement parks. It looks like you had a really great experience!

  9. This is a really good idea for going to Disney with smaller kids, since there’s so much walking at Disney. I bet it keeps everybody in a better mood since the kids wouldn’t be getting so tired out!

  10. I used to bring my own stroller along when we visited these types of places. However, I love the idea of a nice stroller available to rent.

  11. Those do look pretty fabulous! I’ll have to remember them when we go next time!

  12. Awesome post! We are headed to Orlando in October and didn’t want to have to check a stroller through the airport to have one at the park! 🙂

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