I wear many hats…and now have a new one to sport!

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Years ago I always thought a “Stay at Home Mom” did nothing much. She just …er…well…sat at home and watched house.

It’s only when I became that “Stay at Home” Mom did I realize that I was way off the reality mark!


Today as a “Stay at Home Mom” I know that I wear many hats…

The Funny Mommy Hat

The Chef Hat

The Chauffeur Hat

The Entertainer Hat

The Quick Fix Doctor Hat

The Frugal Shopper Hat

The Sunday School Teacher Hat


and since yesterday I now wear the official “Kindergarten Mommy” Hat!



Yes my baby girl completed day 1  in Kindergarten yesterday and did great!

Hubby and I walked with her to her new class in “Big Kids School”, held back our tears and swallowed the fat lumps in our throats as we saw genuine excitement swimming in her big sparkly eyes. The fact that she’s excited to be there is so reassuring…an answer to our prayers.

I do miss my sweet helper at home and Bunny Boo his favorite play companion, but we’ll get used to the new change over time…

I think.


How was your child’s first day at school?

Or should I ask,  how did you handle your child’s first day at school?



  1. Aw, she looks so cute with that backpack that’s as big as she is. 🙂 It’s a big milestone.

    I’m on the other side of the ‘new school year’ story. I’m a teacher for K-5 reading. (I taught K for many years). All I can say is, “Is it Friday yet?” Just kidding. I love the kids, but I’m exhausted. It takes a while to get back into the swing of things.

    I hope she loves her kindergarten year. It’s such a special time.

    1. I’ve tried convincing her to carry her smaller aqua backpack but she insists on carrying this one as a friend monogrammed it for her and she adores it!

      Honestly I have so much respect for the patience a teacher has. Gosh all those kids in a class…oh boy! Totally understand why you countdown to Friday!!

  2. Must have been a mixed bag of emotions watching Bunny Girl skip away happily to class leaving you bereft esp Bunny Boo …another milestone for her …I have experienced these heart wrenching moments too ….hold fast to these words…you give you give your children both roots and wings.. you are doing a great job 🙂 xxx

  3. That is such a cute picture. It is so amazing how many hats that we wear as mom. I hope to wear the hat of stay-at-home mommy again soon!

  4. I dropped my oldest off at college last week, and it was traumatic. She cried, and I managed not to, at least until we were gone.

  5. What a great picture. Our first day of school isn’t until the Wednesday after Labor Day. But mine are Sophomore & Senior…those days seem so long ago! Enjoy this time of excitement about learning & fun!

  6. Cute pic! She will love kindergarten and you will love it when she comes home tells you all about her new adventures! I was there just 2 years ago…now I get to enjoy one on one time with my 2yo little man!


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