Hyatt Regency Lost Pines-The Perfect Family Resort in Austin, Texas

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It has been over a month since we got back from a wonderful weekend away at Hyatt Regency’s luxury resort hotel in Lost Pines, Austin, Texas- the Hyatt Regency Lost Pines Resort & Spa.

I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that it hasn’t been easy putting together the words for my review only because each time the words begin to flow, my mind wanders off to one of many special memories made at Lost Pines with my family!

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If I had to bottle up all my thoughts into one sentence when asked why you should take your family to Hyatt Regency Lost Pines, then I’d simply say this…

It’s the perfect family resort in Austin, Texas!

A place where your family can relax, strengthen bonds, create memories, and have good ol’ family fun without leaving the property.

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Comfortable and Spacious Rooms

We were blessed to stay in a spacious queen room on the ground floor that came with an attached mini porch setting.

lost pines

Every morning right before we gave the kids breakfast, they’d wander out into the porch area and sit there enjoying the birds singing away, watching the squirrels scamper by and at times even play a quick round of soccer! (We made sure we stayed in the room for breakfast to allow the kids to eat an un-rushed breakfast comprising of cereal, fruit, sandwiches and milk. {The room came equipped with a mini refrigerator and we requested complimentary installation of a microwave in the room, for the tenure of our stay.} This gave the kids the freedom to eat and play on the lawns at the same time…something they loved!) 

lost pines1

So much to do!

The wonderful thing about staying at Hyatt Regency Lost Pines is that you’re never sitting and twiddling your thumbs wondering what to do. Yes, you have the option of just lounging by the pool while the kids swim or skip through the splash pads…

lost pines2

or you can participate in one of the many complimentary on-site activities organized by the hotel.

lost pines3
Petting the animal ambassadors, movie night under the stars, (complete with complimentary popcorn and towels to lie on) S’mores round the bonfire, hunting for worms (gummy worms that is!), games on the lawn, board games in the activity room, arts, crafts and more!!

The kids also enjoyed hanging out at the on-site playground, exploring the property on foot and on wheels, thanks to the complimentary bicycles the family could sign out for pockets of time through the day.

lost pines4

If you ask Hubs and self what we loved the most about Hyatt Regency Lost Pines, we would agree that is was being cut off from the rush-rush busyness of every day life. It was so refreshing to spend time making memories, doing one-on-one activities with the kids that did not involve electronics of any sort.

The property does a great job of offering its guests all the conveniences and modern day amenities required but yet makes sure each guest is able to take in and experience the beauty of Nature as is with the Colorado River Park on-site,

lost pines5
Yes, we did spot a wild armadillo taking a morning stroll near the river!

the animal ambassadors wandering around designated enclosed areas (One evening while driving into the property, we had to stop to allow wild deer to cross the road and scamper into the woods on the other side! The kids were over the moon!!)

lost pines6

and my favorite early morning haunts- the Butterfly Meadow and Hummingbird Garden. (I highly recommend waking up early in the morning just as the sun rises and spend over an hour just drinking in the serenity and beauty held in both the Meadow and the Garden. Plus when you go there early you will be treated to some beautiful winged visitors.)

lost pines7

I’m sure I could go on an on about Hyatt Regency Lost Pines (because there really was so much more to do but with the time we had, this was the best we could squeeze in) …

but will leave my raves about their on-site restaurant  Firewheel Cafe for another post. (Totally worthy of hogging the limelight in a whole post!)

If you happen to have Austin on your travel plans soon, I highly recommend staying at this resort with your family.

The warmth in hospitality, the comfortable accommodation arrangements and all the fun your family can have just by staying on property, will make the money you spend worth every penny.

I’m already thinking of ways to convince Hubs that we need to make another trip soon!!

And after seeing the Lost Pines holiday line-up, I’m hoping it will be one that is sooner than later!

For more information on this 491 room resort in Austin, Texas, visit the Hyatt Regency Lost Pines website.

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Hotel Location:

575 Hyatt Lost Pines Road

Lost Pines, Texas, USA, 78612

Phone:  +1 512 308 1234




  1. That looks like the perfect resort!! I love Texas and will definitely be adding to my list of places to go to the next time I visit!

  2. You can’t go wrong at Hyatt. I love all the outdoor activities at this resort. It looks like a place my family would really like to stay at.

  3. OMG… are those alpacas?? They looks like they have poodle cuts!!! LOL This place looks amazing. Very clean and well put together, too. Looks like a blast! Sign me up!

  4. This place looks like such a family friendly fun place. if I was in the area-I would be visiting for sure. It looks like your family had a great time.

  5. This place looks an sounds amazing! Almost every Hyatt I have stayed at has been real nice, but this one is beautiful! I love that it is so geared towards families, and not just adults!

  6. We moved to Texas last year and are still working on figuring out fun places to visit. I’m adding this to our list!

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