A Big Science Learning Pack, Homeschooling Workbooks Bundle for Your Kids

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Let me preface this by clarifying that this BIG Science Learning Pack, the Homeschooling Workbooks Bundle is not limited to homeschooling families but is a learning bundle for families with kids who’re intrigued to learn about creatures big and small.

These would make great engaging summer workbooks.

And yes, a robust informational activity supplement to inspire young minds.

These workbooks really are a fantastic add-on to any learning curriculum!

I designed these to build on science learning, encourage memory skills and creativity, plus cultivate a love for research.

If your child talks about an interest in animals, you shouldn’t miss getting this workbook bundle.

What does the Science Learning Pack / Homeschooling Workbooks Bundle include?

This Creature Study Workbook learning bundle includes :

  • Soaring Through the World of Birds ($8)-


You can get this Science Learning Pack, yes, the ENTIRE Homeschooling Workbooks bundle for a fraction of that cost.

Get your Science Learning Pack, Homeschooling Workbooks Bundle NOW!

What does each workbook include?

The first four workbooks include:

  • Facts about the creature 
  • Lifecycle of the creature
  • Labeling the creature 
  • Coloring activities 

and more. 

The Nature Walk Journal is a more interactive journal to get your kids outdoors, exploring and sharpening those observation skills.

The activities include: 

  • Nature Art
  • An A-Z Nature Scavenger Hunt
  • 4 Senses Observation Activity

and more.

You shouldn’t miss getting the My Backyard Adventure Creature Journal with this bundle.

And for younger kids, download and print the A-Z Animal Research Project Journal.

The A-Z Animal Research Project Journal is a wonderful way to introduce children to research skills. 

Before you head off to download and print the Homeschooling Workbooks Bundle for your kids, download and print this adorable baby hedgehog coloring page. 

While the kids work on their workbooks, you can enjoy this coloring page.

Feel free to share this with your tweens and teens too.Cute Baby Hedgehog Coloring Page

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