Opening up a world of possibilities with GoldieBlox {+ A #LookAtGoldie Giveaway}

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When I first saw this quote on the Goldieblox Facebook page I knew the invitation to test out their toys and share an honest opinion on the same was going to mean so much more for my 8 year old.

You see, she’s our voracious reader. Finding a few spare minutes on hand, sends her straight to our home library to dig out a book, to read a page or two. She’s happiest with books and honestly, we love that. Reading has helped sharpen her creative writing skills, build on her vocabulary database and just strengthen her fine art skills altogether.

Because she knows these are her strengths she has been trying to push her math, science and analytic thinking skills to a corner even though she’s really good with these. As parents we see the untapped wealth she has within her but want her to enjoy exploring those avenues naturally and not force her into the same. Seeing her tinker around with the GoldieBlox sets has made us excited.


We see her dipping her toes in a world of creativity, analytic thinking, discipline and patient determination, while having fun.

In a world where men largely outnumber women in science, technology, engineering and math, girls lose interest in these subjects as early as age 8.  Construction toys develop an early interest in these subjects, but for over a hundred years, they’ve been considered “boys’ toys.” GoldieBlox is determined to change the equation. We aim to disrupt the pink aisle and inspire the future generation of female engineers. We believe there are a million girls out there who are engineers. They just might not know it yet. We think GoldieBlox can show them the way.- Debbie Sterling, Inventor and CEO

Thank you Debbie Sterling for making this happen!

GoldieBlox the toy your daughter should own

The neat thing about a GoldieBlox set is it always comes with a book that features the star character, a young inventor, Goldie Blox. Halfway through the book the young reader will find she will need to help Goldie and her friends build a solution to the problem they’re facing, yes, “inventures”. To make this easy on the young engineers, building instructions are given stage-wise through the story, thereby ensuring no child feels overwhelmed.

GoldieBlox (9)

Knowing Dottie, if she’d been told she had to make a Zoetrope (the first moving pictures machine!) in the first place would have resulted in her setting the project aside, intimidated. But starting off with instructions to build a spatula, then a drum and over time eventually assembling a Zoetrope that actually worked was “Oh! So cool!!”

GoldieBlox Zoetrope

All this awesomeness can be found in the GoldieBlox and the Movie Machine kit. 

We started off by referring to the different pieces as the red flowery thing and the purple sticks but by the time we moved along to GoldieBlox and the Builder’s Survival Kit (the more extensive kit of them all), Dottie was asking us to pass her axles, connectors, pegs, elbows and what-nots. (A big leap towards a love for engineering. Woohoo!)


The young girl who would think twice about sitting down and following instructions to put together inventures, now opens up her Builder’s Survival Kit and sets out to “build” a complex tea-cup ride independently.


(Pssst! To help encourage her new found love, I’ve “un-bloxed” the kit on our kitchen table to give our kids the freedom to sit down, imagine, analyse and create inventures of their own, whenever they want.)

And no, this is not a gender specific toy. Boys love this just as much. Ask my 4 year old! He spent an evening making a parade float 

GoldieBlox (52)

and all of yesterday making random inventures that become bigger and better, with each project!


I love that the possibilities are endless, all the pieces in different kits work perfectly with each other and this is one non-electronic toy that keeps both my 8 year old and 4 year old enrapt from start to finish!

GoldieBlox (28)

I definitely foresee me picking up a kit or two (or three?!) over the next few weeks and yes, I’m sure I’ll be known as the GoldieBlox Mom soon as all Dottie’s friends can expect seeing these as birthday gifts in the months to come!!


Think GoldieBlox is just what your daughter/granddaughter/niece/friend needs? Win a package right here!

The generous GoldieBlox team is putting two of the newest kits in the hands of one of my readers.

goldieblox prize

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  1. Encourage all learning, reading, counting, subtracting. I try to create a fun game out of it. Lots of cheers and rewards like stickers or coloring sheets.

  2. We read together and do all sorts of arts and crafting! We are constantly learning together!

  3. we sit and read together, homework together, family days. I love spending time with my boys!!!!

  4. I encourage her to be her self, to love her self and feel free to be her self and make choices.

  5. I try to lead by example and always teach him the golden rule…treat others the way you want to be treated.

  6. I help my daughters discover their joys and passions and then I show them how to make them a part of their lives. One daughter has a passion for dance and we show her how dance isn’t just about tutus. It is about being healthy and loving yourself and having confidence in who you are.

  7. Just make sure to expose them to a lot of different things and don’t assume you know which ones they’ll like or take an interest in.

  8. I empower my girls by allowing their imagination to take them on new adventures. I also lead by example. Thank you for the wonderful giveaway.

  9. I try to inspire them by leading by example, talking to them about everything and take them on lots of field trips.

  10. I try to inspire by being a good parent and the type person that I want my children to be.

  11. My daughter would love these They are so clever and a great way to get the creative juices flowing!

  12. My kids would be all over these sets. They are so cool and very educational for the kiddos.

  13. I like to reinforce my daughters individuality, letting her know it’s okay to be different & it’s good to express yourself in your own creative ways.

  14. I always loved building blocks and lincoln logs when I was young. I could sit for hours and build things. It was so much fun and gave me the opportunity to be creative. My kids developed my love of blocks and really enjoyed playing with them and now my 1 year old grandson is getting into it. I love that movie machine. So cool!

  15. Read to your children. It inspires creativity. Always have materials available that they can explore and create with. These are awesome.

  16. My girls love to draw and create things, and I’ve always made sure they have plenty of arts and crafts supplies.

  17. I have taken my niece to the science museum when the women engineers have activities. These women take the time to show young girls what they can do and that science and math are fun.

  18. I inspire my daughter by playing imagination games with her. She amazes me with what she comes up with 🙂

  19. I inspire my grandchildren to use there imagination through books we read together, crafts we do together and so much more.. thanks @tisonlyme143

  20. Our Grandson is going through the imaginary phase. This would be great in learning, reading, counting, subtracting and expressing himself.

  21. My teenage son has Autism Spectrum and ADHD so I remind him everyday that he can do anything that he is willing to focus on. He, in turns returns the favor by reminding me every day that everything is possible through his daily accomplishments.

  22. I encourage my grandchildren to try new things and learn from the experience! Thanks

  23. I take what they already know and expand on it. For instance like most kids they love their TV so when it’s off I encourage them to reenact their favorites. I get them started with the story and they take off from there. I love watching them play!

  24. My daughter is still a baby, but I talk to her all the time during the day, and I hope to encourage her to be and do what makes her happy. I want her to feel comfortable in her own skin.

  25. Discipline that explains, not pains. When she gets upset (or if I get upset) when she doesn’t obey, I often explain why I do something so she understands there is a reason for why mom and dad tell her to do something.

  26. LOVE these sets – it would be awesome to win one for my niece, who is so into “girly” toys, but is so smart – I’d love to encourage her to see that science is awesome!

  27. I inspire my kids by being an example of how to treat other living things – I stress kindness and consideration for other people and animals’ feelings. I think kids learn what they live!

  28. I’ve bought my children odds and ends so they can create their own gadgets and art projects.

  29. I try to empower my daughter to make her own choices and follows what her heart tells her to do. She is seven and every morning she gets herself ready for the day after checking the weather, packs her lunch following a chart and takes care of her dog and cat. We try to give her the supplies to create, invent and succeed without our help.

  30. I read to him every chance I get and every morning I tell him we love him and I know he is a good, sweet boy.

  31. I make sure they know there is no such thing as girl colors and boy colors, girl toys and boy toys etc. And my nephew has already told me he wants a GoldieBlox set because he thinks it looks cool and he isn’t put off by the fact that the heroes of the stories are girls. In his world girls can be the heroes as much as boys.

  32. We try to let our daughter make choices and be involved in planning and decision making when it’s appropriate.

  33. I am a Music Teacher so my daughter and I love to sing and dance together. She also loves to do crafts and really enjoys math and reading (I am a lucky mom). I encourage her in all of these activities to keep her mind active!

  34. We have plenty of art supplies readily accessible! I love seeing my kid get a creative spark and have to draw it!

  35. I think kids can only be creative if they are allowed freedom. I let my daughter create her own artwork to decorate one of her walls. When she gets tired of something she can just make a new piece of art to hang.

  36. I try to inspire my children by teaching them good values and by doing good parenting.

  37. I try to encourage my daughter to be creative by giving her opportunities to do so! We love to play with blocks and tinker toys and see what she can come up with to build. We also love doing art projects!

  38. I Inspire Them Through Art, Reading, And Play To Be Creative And Have Fun While Learning Along The Way.

  39. My daughter reads to me every night and i tell her to just be herself and things will go her way.

  40. I inspire and empower my kids by believing in them and letting them know that I believe in them in everything they do.

  41. I frequently tell the kids to try new things.
    And I set a good example by doing the same.
    thank you

  42. I try to encourage my daughter to do what she dreams and to overcome any limits that she or other people place on her.

  43. I encourage reading, exercising, I also let my son be creative he is always coming up with games to play.

  44. Every day, my daughter and I see something that interests her and every day, I explain (to the best of my ability) how or why it works the way it does. Why the leaves change color, why frogs only come out during summer, how the microwave works, how is rain/snow created. So many questions, and we always talk and work them out together.

  45. I try to provide her many opportunities in areas where she shows interest, and expose her to a lot of different experiences.

  46. I am pregnant with my first baby so I’m not sure how I will do this yet. But I’m going to teach my kids to love themselves and not care what other people think. I think that’s really important.

  47. What a wonderful gift to present a child -so creative and imaginative…I am taken up with the fact it does not discriminate n the basis of gender and also cant slot it in the category of scientific or artistic ! I am very impressed with the creativity displayed in the pictures presented here

  48. I always encourage and tell our 6 year old grandson that he needs to keep trying and he will do it!

  49. I inspire/empower my child by doing craft projects, Science projects, and visiting cultural events together.

  50. My daughter gets really frustrated when something doesn’t immediately go her way (she is 3). We have been working on a lot of encouragement and instead of saying “I can’t do it” we say “I’ll try to do it” I even had to buy more magnets to hang all of her work on the fridge!

  51. By encouraging him to build different things with Legos and anything else he can find in the house. We also do craft projects and collect things on our walks.

  52. I ncpurage all my girls to be themselves and explore everything even if you don’t think that you are good at it, try it you never know unless you tr.

  53. Mostly I make sure they have opportunities to try new things. Encourage them to try and if you like it you will get better if that is what you want to do.

  54. I empower my niece by showing confidence in her abilities and encouraging her to keep trying if she fails at first. She’s 3, so she gets frustrated, but can usually accomplish it after a few tries.

  55. Lots of reading, dancing, playing, hugs, kisses, please and thank yous! My daughter is still pretty young but one thing I really believe is that curiosity and exploration are the basis for self-awareness and empowerment!

  56. I support them…I listen to them….I give them chances to experience their dreams. Even if they fail, we always learn from the experience.

  57. I like to think I empower my girls by leading by example and teaching them life lessons along the way.

  58. By providing lots of opportunities for exploring things together! And allowing all sorts of questions, and believing in giving honest answers.

  59. I empower my children by supporting them in the things they want to accomplish. I have daughters and if they want to explore science and math or cooking and makeup- doesn’t matter. I support their interests.

  60. I encourage her and let her know she can do anything she puts her mind to. There are no limits. To make sure to place education at the top of her list.

  61. i try to encourage her and read her inspirational stories that will help uplift her spirit!! 🙂

    Thank you! xoxo

  62. When my girls wanted to do something, I encouraged them. When it got tough, I helped them work through some obstacles to show them that they can do what they want. I grew up being told no you can’t, so made sure I let my girls grow up telling them yes you can!

  63. I try not to stifle my children’s ideas. If an idea is something that might be destructive (such as drawing a map on the wall) I try to point them in a direction that makes the idea less destructive (like putting large sheets of paper on the wall to draw on). Thank you!

  64. I inspire them by letting them use their imagination and explore the world around them. If they are interested in a certain activity, i let them go with it and provide support and information for them to pursue it.

  65. Actually my daughter inspires me, at 14 she is a better person at that age. She has compassion and will stand up for the underdog

    sibabe64 at ptd dot net

  66. My granddaughter is nine. I taught her to sew, cook, crochet and design clothes. We play legos and do crafts together.

  67. I inspire/empower my child by loving, accepting, respecting, and supporting her unconditionally – and by setting a positive example for her, with my own strength, courage, compassion, and confidence!

  68. I try to give my child opportunities to both succeed and fail. When there is success, we talk about the things that went good, could they have gone better, could they have gone worse….and when there is failure, we look at the reasons why and how things could improve.

  69. I don’t believe in indoctrinating kids into one faith vs. another. I think it’s better to help them become educated about many different ways of seeing the world and then let them make their own minds up when they’re ready.

  70. i promote make believe… i love when my kids dress up and make believe … we often take trips to the thrift stores to stock up on dress up clothes

  71. I let my kids be kids. I let them follow their interests as much as possible without projecting too much on them they dont care for

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