“Showering” your hostess with love {Bridal Shower Hostess Gift Idea}

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I love gifts that involve a play on words. So when I was sent an assortment of Softsoap body washes I thought these would make the cutest inclusions for a gift basket for a B.F.F., a special baby shower hostess or better yet a bridal shower hostess.

Bridal Shower Hostess Gift Idea


“Shower” the hostess with this fun and affordable bridal shower hostess gift


You can choose to make a gift basket with an assortment of body washes or choose a fragrance you know the hostess would love.

If she’s into floral fragrances, the Sea Kissed exfoliating body wash may be a body wash you would want to consider. But if she’s the sort who likes yummy fragrances, I highly recommend both the Strawberry Smoother and the Coconut Scrub. They smell sooooo good!

Now if you’re taking the easy route, just place the chosen body washes in a gift bag with some packing tissue and you’re done. But if you would like to make your gift look like you took some time and love on it, get a pretty wired basket (I got a pretty silver basket with floral designs on the side) and loop some lace or ribbon through any openings or along the handle.

Fill the basket with artificial rose petals, place the body washes in the basket, cover with cellophane, add a big ribbon to tie it all together and you’re done!

Don’t forget to include a heart-felt thank you card and somewhere in the same add this line…

Thank you for “showering” me with love on my special day.

Smaller hostess gifts could include the elegantly packaged Softsoap liquid handsoaps from their Decor collection. These smell as great as they look and cost $2.49 a bottle, making these really affordable gift inclusions.

Bridal shower hostess gift idea

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Do you have any great Bridal Shower Hostess gift suggestions?



  1. I love soft soap scrubs and all the neat ones they keep coming out with. You know with this, a little note they can hang on their bathroom wall and a loofa this could be a big hit for a few friends of mine. I love the coconut scrub, I actually have that one here at my house. I’ll have to try the strawberry one. Suggestions for me would be bedroom stuff like scented candles, soft music such as ocean waves, etc, desk top waterfalls they can have on their dresser to calm the nerves on the big day or just any day after that they may need it.

  2. I like to buy something of their bridal registry and then add to it. For example if they have towels for the bathroom, or a shower curtain and rugs, I’d buy a few of those items and then get them products that go along with that gift… like these body washes and hand soaps. Every time I’ve done that, they love it!

  3. These are a great gift idea! It’s something that every woman loves..being pampered! (I personally love the coconut scrub!)

  4. I don’t have any ideas… but I love yours! I would simply suggest giving the bride something that she could use… either to pamper herself, decorate her new home, or just use to relax before the big day. 🙂

  5. Oh, now THIS is a great idea. Mommy is definitely going to need a nice, soothing shower in those first months.

  6. It has been so long since I was at a bridal shower, but I usually give a pot or pan, a recipe book and some things to make it. The coconut scrub sounds awesome.

  7. I’ve never given the hostess of the bridal shower a gift before. That’s a great idea. They do so much work organizing and pulling it off.

  8. What a good idea. I’m out of the phase of going to bridal showers frequently. But it’s always thoughtful to spring a small gift or token of appreciation for a hostess.

  9. I always thought I was kind of goofy, but I think shower gel and bath items make great gifts! It’s an easy way to pamper your friends, and stuff we often to buy for ourselves.

  10. What a lovely idea for a gift! Mommies need pampering just as much as the babies in the first months. Mommyhood is harder than people realize!

  11. Cookbooks are huge for me. I wouldn’t mind getting them and I have’t met anyone who doesn’t like them.

  12. I love the Softsoap Shea Butter and Almond Oil. That stuff is so awesome. I’ve done a lot of theme baskets for various events. When friends moved into their first homes we would put kitchen stuff in a laundry basket. Babies would get laundry baskets with diapers , towels, rags, washes, lotions and things like that.

  13. Cute idea. Love the pun and the gift – pampering never goes out of style!

  14. That is a lovely idea. I would have loved that when I held my sister’s shower last year.

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