Best gift ideas for a boy scout

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Wondering what to give your son’s buddy but do know he’s a boy scout? Well, in all probability he will be an adventurer at heart.

Best gift ideas for a boy scout

From Swiss Army knives to rechargeable flashlights, shopping for a boy scout is really not very hard.

A lot of my son’s scouting friends are crazy about their Nerfs and always request more sets to add to their collection when asked what we can gift them when it’s their birthdays. Thankfully the Nerf darts aren’t painful on impact and this is a fun toy to help a scout improve on his aim.

You also can’t go wrong if you pick up these few musts for that Nerf lover.

Boy Scouts are always camping. Therefore, a sleeping bag for all seasons would be an appropriate Christmas gift. Since scouts camp in extreme temperatures in the midst of winter, to the steamy days of summer. For the older boy scout, a lightweight sleeping bag that compacts well with a backpack would be a great investment.

STEAM gifts , a mini robot or sure-fire winners- wood building kits, would also make great gifts for that scout.

If you want something different, consider a boy scout ornament 

a camo watch or even this really neat compass Bible cover.

Which gift would you pick?

Best Gift Ideas For A Boy Scout -


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