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Do I have the Flu or just Allergies?

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Soccer season has begun which indirectly means we’re hoping cooler weather rolls into our corner of Texas now!

Watching soccer

Cooler weather, though, will also mean a new pollen season emerges, which means we will have our fair share of sniffles.

The kids are also into their 4th week of a new school year and we’ve already had a few kids in their classes stay home because the sniffles got the better of them.

And because there’s such a fine line of distinction between allergies and the flu, most parents confuse one for the other.

Do I have the Flu or just Allergies?

Fall weather heralds in a decent number of allergens that most times trumps the number of allergens when Spring rolls in.Do I have the flu or just allergies- MommySnippets #Sponsored

If you have allergies you generally

  • Get the sniffles, watery/itchy eyes, congestion, headaches caused by sinus pressure, sore throat and/or  a scratchy throat
  • Not generally have a cough
  • Have clear mucus
    Do I have the flu or just allergies-MommySnippets.com #Sponsored

If you have the flu you generally

  • Have body aches and pains
  • Nurse a fever for about 3-4 days and at times chills
  • Experience shortness of breath
  • Have greenish/yellow mucus

Remedial measures to combat allergies.

I’ve been using drops of Peppermint oil in coconut oil to provide quick and prolongued relief from congestion especially when the kids go to school or go to bed. When my daughter complained of a sore throat we started her on warm water with salt gargles and applied Tea Tree oil in coconut oil on her throat. The combination of both remedies provided quick relief to her.

Young Living Peppermint and Tea Tree Oil-Mommy Snippets (2)Nasal saline rinses and steam inhalations also help with severe congestion.

If you find your allergies are unbearable and you need to visit a medical practioner, your closest MinuteClinic will be able to help with consultation and prescriptions too.

* Make sure you change your air filters every three months to keep the air circulated in your house clean. And if possible, try and invest in allergen reduction air filters instead of regular ones. It’s also recommended to keep the doors and windows closed between 10 am -4 pm during the Fall as that’s when the pollen levels are the highest.

Remedial measures to combat the flu.

Ensure your family maintains a daily intake of vitamin C daily, gets enough rest, eats healthy and maintains an active lifestyle.

child eating an orange

If you are considering getting a flu shot, your local MinuteClinic will be able to provide the same.  And as a bonus incentive, any adult or child who gets a flu shot will be given a 20% off shopping pass that may be used on a shopping receipt upto the amount of $50.


Hopefully this has helped equip you to take on those allergies and hopefully not the flu, this coming Fall!


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