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Building Bridges Through Care Packages {#NoMoreHurtingPeople}

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Watching my 18 month old catch raindrops in her palm is such a precious sight. She tries to catch each drop daintily but ends up losing balance, toppling over onto the grass and getting wet from head to toe.

child catching raindropsWhile watching her my thoughts stray to the children involved in the refugee crisis and the countless number who’re taken to children’s homes around the country, to safeguard them from situations of abuse.

I’m so thankful my children can come home to a safe environment and not live every moment out in fear and uncertainty but as a parent I would be doing them a great injustice if I allowed them to live unaware in their happy, protective bubbles.

Building Bridges through Care Packages #NoMoreHurtingPeople #Sponsored

Building Bridges Through Care Packages #NoMoreHurtingPeople #Sponsored (1)

Building Bridges Through Care Packages {#NoMoreHurtingPeople}

None of us will forget April 15, 2013 and the sweet face of Martin Richard, the innocent child who lost his life during the Boston Marathon bombings. This 8 year old lived a short life but one that impacted the lives of those who knew him in a profound way. He was known as a bridge builder, someone who brought people together, believing strongly in inclusion, fairness and kindness.


To honor and celebrate Martin’s life, generationOn (the youth service division of Points of Light) and Hasbro have set up the Martin Richard Bridge Builder campaign.

From September 14 – October 16, kids, teens and families are invited to visit the site, learn how they can become bridge builders in their community and sow seeds of peace, kindness and love, just like Martin did.

And yes, share this awesome initiative with friends and family on social media (and in person) by uploading pictures of projects you/your family undertakes, posters you make and status updates using the hashtag #nomorehurtingpeople .

For inspiration, look through the featured service projects under the Take Action section on the site.

You can do something the whole family can be involved in…

building bridges through care packages.

Your little

I’m sure if you look through your bathroom cabinet you will find tons of unopened travel sized toiletries from trips and hotel stays your family has taken. They may seem small but they make great additions to a care package for the homeless, children who have to move to foster arrangements for a night, immigrants at a center and even those who’ve been displaced because of a calamity in the area.

Care packages that include soap, shampoo, a toothbrush, toothpaste, a pair of socks and several non perishable snacks, are always received with appreciation. (This would also be a great project for scout troops)

Mark this date!

If you have joined/will be joining the campaign or just want to learn more before diving right in, come participate in the one hour chat on Twitter on World Peace Day, September 21st 2015. (2pm-3pm EST, using the hashtag #nomorehurtingpeople)


Hope to tweet with you then and don’t forget to share the campaign with those you know.


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