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Fashionably old fashioned!

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My mother and sister constantly rib me about my “mouse-y” wardrobe that faints at the sight of any color that’s bold and out there!

It’s true I prefer blacks and deep shades of red to any other color under the sun…

but what I wear is what I know will complement me.



Bling-ed out accessories are just not my cup of tea.

Elegant gold jewelry-earrings and a necklace- are definitely what I call classy.


All my shoes, irrespective of the style, need to be black. Jet black.

I can’t even picture myself wearing bright blue pumps, let alone red stilettos!


When it comes to bags, I have to admit that I don’t own any of those compact, stylish capulets nor do I ever carry a clutch bag.

This Mama needs a roomy, over the shoulder handbag…preferably in black and specifically in leather!



Just the bare minimum.

Black eyeliner…deep maroon or light coral-caramel tinged lipstick…

and I’m ready to go.



I wouldn’t say I’m not with the times.

Oh no!

I’d rather say I’m fashionable.



I’m definitely fashionably old fashioned!


(Now get up off that floor and quit rolling around in laughter!!)



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