Are you encouraging your child to dream BIG?

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Our children are given to us to love, to build up and then go out and become world changers. They may not become front page features but if they’re a blessing to their families, the people around them and the circles they move around in, then…

they’ve become world changers.

As parents it’s important we encourage our children to live their lives to their full potential.

Are you encouraging your child to dream big?

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1. Help your child identify the gifts and talents he has been blessed with and then support him in finding ways to sharpen, strengthen and build up those strengths.

2. Remind yourself that he is not living out a dream you had but working towards fulfilling a dream he has.

3. Support him even if you know he’s choosing to excel in something that’s not mainstream or ordinarily sought after.

4. Be there for him on those days when he feels like everything’s going wrong and when working towards that dream seems impossibly far-fetched.

5. Offer help, advice and counsel in a judicious, loving way.

6. Pray with him and for him. Wisdom, determination and peace in decisions are God given gifts.

7. Be his biggest cheerleader even if it means you need to sacrifice a few hours of sleep or doing something you enjoy doing. (He won’t forget your support later.)

8. Watch movies that reinforce working hard, being passionate, trusting God and determined to working towards fulfilling a dream.

Netflix has several great movies that I can recommend…

Inspirational movies


How are you encouraging your child to dream big?



  1. I know I’m definitely try to install big dreams in my daughter. Almost every other week she wants to be something different when she “grows up” and I love it. I want her to be happy with what she chooses when she’s older.

    1. Same situation here. I’ve learned just to encourage my wildlife explorer cum actor cum firefighter cum airforce pilot! 😉

  2. I love these tips. Being the kids’ best cheerleader is my fave. They deserve that kind of support, and it’s in our unwritten contract as parents to them, to be good at it. 🙂

    1. Yes!! Even if it means being the only one on the soccer field yelling with excitement when your child defends a goal! 😉

  3. I hope that I can show my child to have big dreams! Thanks for the inspiration.

  4. We just got Netflix. I do encourage my kids to dream BIG! These are great movies. Thanks for sharing your favorites. I’ll have to look into these.

  5. I always tell my kids to do their best and they can do anything they set their minds to!

  6. This is such a great post. There are so many people that have their own dreams for their children… which is fine as long as you recognize that their dreams may be different than what you had expected.

  7. My daughter has BIG dreams and I want her to reach for them, yet am worried that she won’t know what to do if she doesn’t reach them. This is a good reminder to let her dream big and help her get there.

  8. My nephew has big dreams. He wants to be in the Army and then go on to architecture. My sister supports him and his dreams, even though the first part of that dream terrifies her.

  9. Those are great tips! It is so important to be supportive to the kids, even though sometimes it is hard, especially when they are teens!

  10. I love this. I was raised dreaming small, with limitations… I now raise my children to think and KNOW that they can be whoever they want to be…

  11. What a great post. My son wants to be an architect when he grows up and a daddy. I totally support him on both fronts.

  12. These are all really awesome points that you make–it’s important, as a parent, to reflect on how you are encouraging your children. Raising them right and having confidence early on is key! Thanks for sharing this with all of us!

  13. I always find my strength in God even I seek him. I have to get better at handing him all my problems.

  14. My daughter has been enjoying the gymnastics shows on Netflix this summer. They are definitely encouraging her to do her best when she starts her classes up again this fall.

  15. Me and my husband always talk about ways we can encourage our son! I pray with him and over him everynight! It’s so precious when he says word for word the prayer I speak over him every night!

  16. My husband and I are always helping my boys with their interests. My son keeps asking for help to build a live transfomer so I think that’s a pretty big dream..

  17. Supporting without an agenda was how I did it. I never forced them to continue doing anything they didn’t want to once they’d finished the session, season or whatever. I let them choose whether to continue to excel in that activity or experiment with something else. I made sure they acted on their own dreams, not anybody else’s.

  18. I think it’s hard for us to focus their dreams into something that works for them and is really an interest. I totally love being their cheerleader, though.

  19. I think remembering to find encouragement in even the smallest tasks is most important!

  20. Such great tips and reminders. I do try and encourage my son to dream big. There’s nothing like the feeling of having dreams and accomplishing them.

  21. i need to encourage more instead of finding fault. This is one area I pray about, lift up and not tear down.

  22. No kids in our house, but I’m sure when the day comes we will encourage him/her however we can and provide them with the tools they need to succeed.

  23. That’s one thing I will say about my family is they have always supported me. Ever since I was little I said i wanted to publish a book, and here I am one step closer to being able to do so. Who are my editors? Why my family of course. :] I love the things you said in this article. :]

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