Dollar Tree makes back-to-school shopping affordable.

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Back to School with Mommy Snippets

Prepping to go back to school can be pretty expensive especially when you have more than one child needing school supplies and what not for the new school year.

That’s where Dollar Tree comes in.

Dollar Tree Back To School (3)

With everything priced at a dollar, here’s one place you can stretch that buck to the max!

My 8 year old and I walked through the store trying to see how much we could cross off on a regular school list. Everything from pencils, crayons, folders, filler paper, glue sticks, composition books, rulers to even lunch-bag essentials were readily available on the shelves.

Why, you don’t even have to go in-store to do all your shopping. (Yes, just let that sweet baby nap, while you click, click, click for what her siblings need.)

You can order online and have your school essentials shipped out for free, to your closest Dollar Tree store!

Dollar Tree.

My friend is in teacher in a local public school and she haunts our local store…


She picks up all her class charts, stickers for the kids, flash cards, stationery supplies and hygiene essentials for the class at her “one-stop-shop”, as she puts it.

Dollar Tree

And till August 14th 2014, you can buy a few extra school supplies with the savings you’ve raked up and put them in the Operation Homefront collection boxes in your store. The supplies will be collected and distributed to military families in the local area.

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Are you a Dollar Tree-aholic? What are a few things that get put into your shopping basket?


  1. When I visited the States years ago, this was one of my favourite places to shop at. I left with bags full of things that I probably didn’t need, but for a dollar…how could I go wrong?!?

  2. I love Dollar Tree. They don’t have the junky stuff that most discount stores carry. All of their products can stand up to repeated use.

  3. I love how handy the Dollar Tree has been for me. I have one right down the street and shop there weekly!

  4. There are amazing findings at the Dollar Stores. I like to walk through each aisle and find some goodies.

  5. Dollar Tree is great, so many great products for back to school too! Water bottles are a must here!

  6. I don’t shop at the dollar store very much but I can usually find something I need!

  7. Ohhh I love the Dollar Tree this time of the year.. awesome deals and everything to sent the kids back to school with everything they need. Thanks for sharing

  8. I need to head over to Dollar Tree and grab some back to school supplies myself! School starts here next week and I haven’t even started picking anything up yet.

  9. I keep hearing we have gotten some dollar trees here in Toronto but I’ve yet to find one! Need to go looking, I need some of these great deals!

  10. When I first moved to MI in 2007 after living most of my life in OK, I didn’t have any Dollar Trees close. Just Dollar Generals. While they do have cute and great stuff, its not all $1. I would go whenever I went to the city and grab a few things. When they finally put a Dollar Tree in close I was soooooo happy. I go a couple times a month and just stock up on stuff. They have the cutest stuff for organization and I always find great things to use for my photography as props.

  11. I big puffy heart Dollar Tree. So convenient and saves my budget many times.

  12. I totally love Dollar Tree. I have 2 close by and would go in there for party supplies and decorations. I also stock up on school supplies there as well.

  13. Who doesnt love the Dollar Tree. I love getting little nik naks when I go…not so much food but like basic supplies and such I always find something I want there. Its hard not to find anything you like its a DOLLAR! LOL

  14. We have a dollar tree in our town and I never think about heading there for school supplies! Thank you so much for the reminder!

  15. I didn’t even think about checking there for school supplies! We go there for a lot of party supplies too!

  16. You can find so many neat things at Dollar Tree. I go there once and awhile just to see what they have new or different.

  17. The dollar store is a great place to go for school supplies. I recently shipped my daughter off to college with a suitcse or two of dollar store items.

  18. I was just there yesterday picking up some items for a party and was super impressed with the line-up of school must-have’s! Everyone should go there!

  19. I love going to the dollar store and stocking up on binders, pens etc. Great prices and selection.

  20. It’s nice to find a place that offers great savings on school supplies. That’s cool about the teacher haunting the store. 🙂

  21. I see a lot of people go over to the Dollar Tree for their school supplies. I can’t understand why someone would pay $5 for a 3 subject notebook when they can get five for that same price! I love going to the store for school supplies though, even though I have no children and I’m not in school myself. I love school shopping. Is that weird?

  22. I love all of the back to school things at the Dollar Tree! I shop there a lot!

  23. I still look forward to back to school shopping! 🙂 It’s nice to start the year with things fresh and new – but saving money is important too.

  24. We have a Dollar Tree not far from us and I love going there to look around. Of course I always find something I can’t live without.

  25. Who doesnt like to ball out at the dollar tree!!! Look that has to be the best place to get most supplies!

  26. OMG, what can’t you find there? I like getting storage and organization stuff here!

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