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Dairy farm village Graindorge

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Bonjour! If you missed what all this is about and my travel day, head back to An American traveling in France to get caught up.

First real day in France and I woke up ready to go! I should have honestly slept longer, but at that time I was yet to be tired.  After a large and amazingly good cup of coffee (via the Hotel!)


we headed off to a cheese factory. As you already know, cheese and french bread is a huge staple in the country so it was fitting to make one of the first visits out to the dairy farm. The best part was that after checking out the factory and learning all the differences in the cheese types and makes, I had so much respect every time I bit into cheese the rest of the trip.

Cheese is highly regulated in France (and they have no GMOs at all in the country!) so learning the process was pretty fun. If you get a chance to visit, I highly encourage it as they were friendly, have the tours down to a science, and have cheese, bread, and delicious cider at the end!


About the dairy farm village Graindorge


“A century after our cheese dairy was created, I carry on the same traditional methods of making and maturing cheese that my grandfather Eugène created and my father Bernard Graindorge passed down to me. We make our cheeses with the same high standards: the accuracy of the movements (when cutting and ladling curd), the authenticity of the recipes, the meticulousness of the process. Most importantly, the search for an outstanding raw material : raw milk provided by Norman cows bred in “Pays d’Auge”.

Normandie Fromagerie de Livarot Thierry GRAINDORGE , Thanks to the loyalty of the nearby farmers – who share our standards – we can create the highest quality cheese. However, our family-run business has grown up and modernized. We have been able to adapt to the present health and regulation constraints while protecting the Designations of Origin.

We are active supporters of sustainable development and draw on these values in our every day work and future development. The Graindorge cheese dairy produces the highest quality product precisely because we are invested in the local tradition, but also always looking towards the future. That is why even if time passes by, the taste of our cheeses stays the same.”
–Thierry Graindorge


Check out more pictures from my visit:




You can learn more on how to make this trip a part of your France experience by heading to Graindorge.


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  1. We have some dairy farms here in New England (actually a ton of them), but I have never gone inside one to see how they work.

  2. We have some dairy farms around here. Well, a lot of farmers in general as I live in a rural area. We have some cheese shops in town and the local stuff is just amazing.

  3. We have a ton of dairy farms just north of us in Wisconsin and they are so fun to visit. Best part is when they have a store with cheese samples!

  4. My grandfather owned a dairy farm when I was young, so I have a special fondness for cheese. I would love to go to France just to eat cheese and bread. I’ve heard cheese tastes much better there. What an amazing first day.

  5. I would love to visit a dairy farm in France. I live in Wisconsin – the Cheese State. We have dairy farms and cheese factories all around us. To visit a farm and cheese factory plus taste their cheese – fun trip!

  6. I’d love to visit a cheese factory in France. When we were in France I remembered ‘fromage’ meant cheese from my high school French class days. I’d try to order cheese and bread, or cheese and fruit and ultimately end up w/a big bowl of cream cheese, lol!!

  7. So much cheese! That’s kind of a dream place for me. I’ve never been inside a dairy farm (village?) but this looks really neat!

  8. My son and son in law would absolutely love to visit that place. They have quite a fondness for all things cheese.

  9. I would love to visit a ‘how it’s made’ kind of place like this. I find them fascinating! I only get to watch ‘how it’s made’ shows..

  10. Your trip looked amazing. I would love to go inside to see the basics of how dairy products are made.

  11. That is a lot of cheese. What a great trip and I am sure that you were able to experience many different things. I grew up in rural Wisconsin so I am pretty familiar with all things dairy.

  12. What a great tour, I love cheese! I’d be in heaven! All I’d need is a bottle of wine!

  13. Cheese, how I love thee! I’m so super jealous. I’ve been experimenting with cheese making at my own home. Nothing too fancy or aged, but it is fun to be a part of the process. I’m sure you learned a lot!

  14. This looks like a great place to visit, I love supporting farmers. I come from a long line of farmers and always try to encourage my children to support farmers too. Thanks for sharing this, looks like some delicious food!

  15. This is really neat. It’s important to share about GMO’s because I only learned about them last year. So many moms have no idea what that means. I’m all in to safe products that are good for my family now.

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