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Childhood Memories Are Made Of This!

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Coming to think of it, I really can’t remember all the gifts I got as a child. (Except for those really “stand-out” ones like the doll stroller, a mermaid Cindy doll and a stainless steel kitchen set.).

Most of my favorite childhood memories are brimming with things I did with the people I love…

  • Riding horses around the bandstand with my Grandpa walking aside because I was petrified I’d fall!
  • Waiting in a hotel’s lobby with my Mom and school buddies. Why? Because we heard my favorite actor was staying there for an event. And I thought it was so cool that my Mom took time off from work to giggle with us to watch out for us giddy tweens!!
  • Wearing a raincoat and standing outside on my Grandparents balcony to enjoy a heavy downpour, during the heart of the monsoon season in India.
  • Learning to julienne carrots with my amazing chef-oisseur Uncle and then master the art of eating with chopsticks once we actually put the meal together.
And you know what’s funny?…
None of the experiences actually involved shelling out money. 


They just involved people willing to invest time into the life of a young girl, because they loved her bunches!


Childhood Memories Are Made Of This!!


Think about this for a bit.

You don’t need money to have fun. You just need a little creativity and be a child at heart!


Memories are made when you…

gang up with the kids and bury Dad in the sand,while at the beach (and throw your floppy hat on as he naps!),


or throw all the sofa cushions on the floor, put on the kids’ favorite music and use each cushion as a step-off trampoline


or just decide to whip up a fun themed breakfast to celebrate specific days like Dr. Seuss’ birthday!


I’ve been compiling lots of fun ways you can create special childhood memories for your child on my Pinterest Board- Childhood Memories Are Made Of This – and would love to add your ideas to the same.


Feel free to link up your favorite childhood memory maker posts in the linky below (Can be crafts, fun activities, experiences…anything!) and leave a comment letting me know a favorite.


  1. I linked up! A few years ago my son and I created a recipe, shopped for ingredients, and cooked the meal together – it was his inspiration entirely! We do it all the time now, but this first one is a favorite memory of his, and mine!

    1. Love the idea! I must try this with Dottie. My soon to be 3 year old, though, is the one who loves to help Mama with chopping up veggies. (Takes forever with his butter knife!)

  2. I love your pictures. I have some good memories with my grandmother. Like her taking me to the library to check out a ton of books and then coming back to her house and reading them all that day!

  3. What a great post! I love all your ideas, and am going to check out your Pinterest board. You are so right, sometimes the best memories do not cost a penny!

  4. Your post totally made me think. And like you, it was definitely the experiences that I remember more than the material stuff. Please tell me you have a recipe for the Dr. Seuss breakfast stuff. We love Dr. Seuss and I would make this even if it weren’t his birthday.

  5. this is touching and true. I realized that I didn’t have much toys when I was growing up but the good memories I had was my playtime with my cousins from dawn to dusk and the summer outing we had. And back then TV was both a luxury and a privilege if you did well. Life was much simpler without the gadgets children now have.

    I wish that my daughter can still enjoy play times much more than the hi-tech gadgets.. That’s why my husband and I make it a point regularly take her to zoos and park and let her experience playing as compared to bringing her to the mall. At the same time it gives us time to play with her and enjoy precious bonding time as family.

  6. We are big fans of the couch cushions on the ground. We used to play “hot lava” – even though my kids are bigger now, we should totally pull the cushions out again this weekend and make some new memories!

  7. That is so sweet – you almost made me cry… Oh, wait, you did… I hate how busy I am – I need to create more memories with my family

  8. it makes me want to have kids to do fun activities with! Love the cheap or free activity ideas

  9. LOVE THIS! You are totally right – we made memories today by playing outside ALL day – doing, well, nothing but playing!

  10. I love this post and the sentiment! It can be easy to be caught up in the “I wants” especially when I feel guilty when really, they are more likely to remember the time spent more. Thank you!

  11. I so agree that the best memories aren’t about things, but things done! My best involve being in a ditch under a bridge playing in the sand and water at my Grandma’s house with my cousins!

  12. Beautiful post! One of my standout memories was an act of kindness. When I was very ill as a child, a woman from the church came to visit me and brought a beautiful handmade card with a hair ribbon inside. I was so touched by her kindness.

  13. We love doing crazy things like obstacle courses around the house! Those make fun memories! And I take my daughter out for a “run” with me, she rides her bike and I run circles around her as we go down the path. Those are the things she likes more than playing with toys!

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