Starting the day with Cardamom Chai {A Cardamom Tea Recipe}

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November heralds in cooler weather in our corner of Texas . So yes, this is finally the season I love to be outdoors with the kids. And to celebrate I have to brew a cup of cardamom chai!

Slip and slide

So on some weekends, when we’re not swamped with driving from one end of town to the other to cheer on soccer games the older two are in, we’re doing something outdoors as a family. Needless to say, a weekend tends to become like any other day of the week… busy, busy, busy!

While I adore being around my family, there is that one time in the day when I need to be quiet, all by myself. (Yes even without a nursing baby attached to me) And that time happens first thing in the morning.

I set my alarm to go off an hour and a half before my family wakes up, to spend some quiet time reading the Bible and my devotionals. I then make myself a much needed cup of tea and settle down to read parts from the book my Bible Study group is doing this season: Lysa Terkeurst’s The Best Yes.

Cardamom Chai

Quiet time with God and a cup of tea kick-start my day for me. If I miss out on that time on a day the alarm fails to set off, I feel like I’m not equipped to face the day with pleasantness!

On days when Hubs wakes up a few minutes after I do, I try to add a little extra love in the tea and make a masala chai (with ginger and spices) or a favorite with all my house guests, cardamom chai. (I always make extra cups of tea when I make cardamom chai as there are always requests for seconds)

Cardamom Chai Recipe- Mommy Snippets

Cardamom chai is really not at all hard to make. You don’t even need tea leaves to brew a good cup of chai. (though they do step up the flavor a notch, at least that’s what I feel) Tea bags work just fine. All you needare some cardamom pods, tea bags, milk and water. That’s it!

Bigelow Tea (5)

Here’s an easy-to-follow Cardamom Chai recipe

It takes a little time but the flavors definitely make it worth the effort.

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Prep Time
1 min
Cook Time
5 mins
Total Time
6 mins
  • 4 green cardamom pods- crushed with a mortar and pestle or powdered in a spice/coffee grinder
  • 2-4 black tea bags Dependent on whether you prefer strong or light tea
  • 1 cup milk whole, 2% or 1%. I like using whole
  • 1 cup water
  • Sugar – to sweeten as per preference optional
  1. Bring the water to boil, in a pot, on medium flame, with the crushed/powdered cardamom pods in the same.
  2. Now add the milk. (Keep watching the pot to ensure the same doesn’t not overflow while boiling.)
  3. Once this begins to bubble in the first stages of boiling, add the tea bags and allow it to steep well.
  4. Once the color of the milk mixture changes to a tan brown, you can remove the pan off the stove. If you prefer a stronger cup of tea, steep it till the color darkens.
  5. Strain the tea bags and cardamom out with a tea strainer and pour yourself a deliciously refreshing cup of cardamom chai.
  6. Sweeten, as required.

Do you enjoy a good cup of tea? Ever tried cardamom tea?


  1. I love chai tea. I’ve never had it with cardamom, though. I can’t wait to try it.

  2. I love hot tea, but I’ve never had any version of chai before. I’ll have to give it a try. It certainly sounds delicious.

  3. I like hot tea, but I’ve never tried chai. I usually just drink regular old black tea with a little honey. I think it’s about time I tried it out.

  4. This just sounds so wonderful and peaceful. My mom used to get up early and enjoy some tea before the rest of the family got up. I should follow in her footsteps and start my day off peacefully. #client

  5. I love chai tea, I need to try this. Just thinking about a cup is comforting!

  6. You know, I’m not a tea drinker, but looks like a peaceful way to start your day! That’s awesome that you can find such a great tea at your local Walmart!

  7. I’m not a huge tea drinker (my husband is!) BUT, this sounds and looks really good and I’m always up for trying new things! I have tried a couple that I really like, but they are occasional drinks.

  8. I’m not a huge fan of tea…I actually don’t really care for any drink that is warm. However, my husband loves tea. I’ll have to pass this on to him!!

  9. I haven’t had cardamon chai tea before. But I keep hearing so many amazing things about cardamon and chai all over the place, I bet they would make an awesome tea!

  10. I love tea, though I have never had cardamom-chai. Green tea has always been my preference, but I will definitely try this recipe. Sounds delicious!

  11. This really, really sounds good. I am going to have to try it. I love drinking tea and coffee both when it is cool outside.

  12. I love chai tea. It’s so soothing. I can’t wait to give this variation a try.

  13. Typically, I’m a coffee drinker. But this tea recipe does sound so delicious I’d be asking for seconds also.

  14. I love Chai tea for it’s yummy cinnamon flavor but never had a cardamom version. Sounds delicious!

  15. That tea sounds amazing. I haven’t tried it but have tried other bigelow teas… I will have to keep my eye out for this one.

  16. I do enjoy a good cup of tea. I have had chai (and love it!), so does that mean that I have had caradmom tea?

  17. I am not much of a tea drinker, but I enjoy beginning my days similar to yours just with coffee instead. I need to pick of Lysa’s new book- I’ve heard great things about it!

  18. I used to not be much of a fan of chai, but I’ve grown to love it over the past year. Thanks for sharing this recipe!

  19. Chai tea with a little bit of almond milk and some pumpkin puree is absolutely PERFECT way to enjoy the chilly fall mornings curled up with a good book before the kids wake up.

  20. I love having a cup of tea to unwind right before the kids come home from school. There’s something special about sitting down and having a quiet moment all to yourself.

  21. I’m not a tea person, but my mom and daughter sure are. I’ll be passing this on to them. I love how you get your morning started off. I’m SO not a morning person. lol I usually end my day in the Word. I’m looking at mentoring a couple of young adults at church so this would probably be a wonderful study to do with them!

    1. It’s an amazing study especially if you find it hard to say no. The study comes with a video that’s also really great to watch as a group during each class.

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