VeggieTales Live! : Silly Song Sing-Along! Tour

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The VeggieTales crew has kicked off a new tour: The VeggieTales Live! : Silly Song Sing-Along! Tour.

When our friends over at Big Idea invited us to watch one of the shows when the tour passed our city, my 4 year old was thrilled. Both Dottie and he love watching the Veggies on screen. (She sadly had to give the show a miss as she had a soccer match to play an hour prior.)

Last year during the 20th Birthday Party Celebrations show, they sang a few silly songs, much to our delight. (Have you heard the Bob and Larry sings the 80s CD? It’s our favorite!) This year the show exclusively features some of the favorite silly songs from over the years. And yes, you can sing along to each one as the lyrics to each song are displayed on screens near the main stage.

Veggie Tales Silly Song Sing-Along

Story-line: The Veggies are super excited about their new TV show! But, which song is the silliest? Chaos is bound to ensue when no one can agree on a favorite silly song.  A new invention is unveiled to reveal the silliest of all silly songs.  But when the machine malfunctions and Jimmy disappears, the Veggies must find a way to get along and get Jimmy back!

Songs include Where Is My Hairbrush, Pizza Angel, The Pirates Who Don’t Do Anything, Cheeseburger and one of our favorites- Monkey!

Kids will learn how the blame game can hurt and how important it is to love, respect and encourage one another.

In case you’re wondering, your child will be encouraged to get out of his/her seat, get into the aisles, dance and walk close to the stage to pop bubbles.

I love that VeggieTales Live has partnered with World Vision on this tour and encourages families, at each event, to support children around the world, by sponsoring a backpack.


The show includes a Meet and Greet if you purchase a V.I.P.ticket. To check on ticket prices and to see if you have the tour stops at your city, visit this link.

If you like to…(sing along now!)… talk to tomatoes and if a squash can make you smile, then this is a show for you!




  1. “I love my lips” – I’m a Veggie Tales Silly Songs fan from way back. “Oh where is my hairbrush? Oh where is my hairbrush? Oh where oh where oh where oh where is my hairbrush?”

  2. My kids would love if we could see this live show. We have so many VeggieTales DVDs. I am heading to the site next to see the tour dates and places. Thank you!

  3. My kids are obsessed with the new Veggie Tales Beauty and the Beet movie so they would love to see this show live. I will have to check and see if it is coming near me.

  4. My kids love the Veggie Tales movies, but they’ve never seen them on stage. This would be such a fun family outing!

  5. My niece and nephew love veggie tales sing alongs. They have so many cd’s and love to play them. I would love to take them to see them live.

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