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5 ways to collect more Box Tops {#BTFE}

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Collecting Box Tops for one’s school is easier said than done especially if you find your family doesn’t rake in as many Box Tops at the end of each month.

Yes, the key to successfully collecting Box Tops lies in involving ones child but it doesn’t stop there. You need all the help you can get if you plan to give your child’s school a significant contribution.

5 ways to collect more Box Tops #BTFE MommySnippets.com #Sponsored (1)

5 ways to collect more Box Tops #BTFE MommySnippets.com #Sponsored5 ways to collect more Box Tops {#BTFE}

1. Involve your child’s teacher and ask her to set up a classroom challenge. A little healthy competition is fun, right? Have the kids collect Box Tops over a certain number of weeks and offer up a fun prize to the child who brings in the most number of Box Tops.

2. If your child is part of a sports team, request the other Moms to consider shopping for Box Tops’ products to fill their snack packs at the end of a game. (Offer to clip the Box Tops off if you know that will make it easier for them to save these for you.) Again, offer an incentive. In this case you could add the child’s name in a drawing. Each time Box Tops are brought in their name goes into the hat. At the end of the season you could give them a sports themed prize. (This always makes it worth doing.)
3. Use all social media klout possible. Request friends and family from around the country to mail your child Box Tops and offer to send them self addressed, postage paid envelopes to ensure this doesn’t inconvenience them in any way.

Don’t forget to add that there are several products, like certain General Mills products at Walmart, that carry bonus Box Tops during certain seasons/months/promotions and those would be greatly appreciated. 

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4. Organize a monthly neighborhood Box Tops collection drive. If your child has a friend who goes to the school, in the same neighborhood, rope him/her in for the same. A few days before going door to door, ask the children to design and hand write a note that may be copied and placed in each neighbor’s mailbox so that they’re prepared to give the children the Box Tops collected.

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5. Get in touch with a local Boys and Girls club, library or any organization or association that provides services and snacks for children through the week. Ask if you could take the Box Tops off the boxes for your child’s school. Request them to set aside the boxes and go collect the same at the end of every week, or two weeks. At the end of the academic year, request your child’s school authoritative head to send them a letter of gratitude as well.

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Can you think of other ways one could collect more Box Tops?