7 Ways You Can Bond With Your Baby As A New Mom

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New moms, we worry about every single little thing with our baby.

Are they eating enough?

Sleeping enough?

One thing you should not worry about is if you are bonding with your baby correctly.

But even I admit I worried about that a few times.

Why bonding is important

The obvious reason bonding with your baby is so important is because you love this baby deeper than you have ever loved anything or anyone before.

But what are the scientific reasons it is important?

Infant bonding is essential for socialization and emotional development.  

Did you know that close attachment can even boost immunity and prevent diseases?All the hugs and kisses and holding of babies is actually helpful for a baby’s entire body, not just their emotional mind.

How to Bond

Now you know why it’s important to bond with your baby, let me reassure you that bonding with your baby is easier than you think.

In fact, you are probably already doing everything right without even knowing it.

Skin to Skin Contact

This is also known as “Kangaroo Care.”  

After a nice warm bath, place baby on your chest skin-to-skin, and lay a towel or blanket on top of both of you.

You can use this time to feed baby either bottle or breast.

Yes, skin to skin contact works with bottle feeding too.

The sound of your heartbeat will sooth your baby and your body heat will naturally warm the baby after the bath.


Making your baby an active part of your everyday life is an incredibly easy way to bond with your baby.

Plus, the rocking movements will naturally soothe them and put them to sleep – extra bonus.

Face to Face Feeding

I know a few new moms who worry that they’re unable to breastfeed their child, be it due to physical or circumstantial reasons.

Choosing the right formula for your infant is important when you choose that route.

As you feed your baby, stroke their head and stare into their eyes, taking in every single wrinkle and freckle.

Connecting face to face is the first way a baby bonds with you. 

Try to find a few feeding times where you can relax and focus on your baby.


You don’t even need a “good” singing voice, just sing!

The vibrations of your voice will relax your baby.

These beautiful little moments will also mean a lot to you and create amazing memories for you both.


Our sense of smell is connected to so many powerful memories!  

Smell your baby – not kidding!

According to the Smithsonian Institute, the “ universal baby smell does not occur by chance but rather is a carefully concocted perfume of biological manipulation, evolved to trigger maternal bonding.”

So take in your baby’s smell, again and again.

It will help you connect with your baby at an emotional and physiological level.

Create A Playlist

This idea is more for parents that are having trouble feeling connected.

Create a musical playlist for you and your baby.

Dance with your baby, rock them to sleep, sing along to these songs with your baby.

Music is powerful!

Journal It

As you record memories, you attach even stronger to them.  

Write things down, take lots of pictures, and read through your memories.

This journal will be a beautiful resource to use when times are tough and stressful.

How Do You Bond With Your Baby?

So how do you bond with your baby?

What are some tips you have for new parents?

I hope these tips help you out as much as they helped me. 7 Worry-Free Ways You Can Bond With Your Baby As A New Mom- MommySnippets.com #ParentsChoice #ad