/ / / / Back from the Chick-fil-A Headquarters “stuffed”!! {#CFABackstage}
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Back from the Chick-fil-A Headquarters “stuffed”!! {#CFABackstage}

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I’m back after spending a night and a whole day in Atlanta, Georgia visiting Chick-fil-A‘s headquarters.

Many of you know that Hubs is not a supporter of fast food but does love dining at our local Chick-fil-A because it isn’t really fast food is it? It’s a quick-service restaurant!


With my recent visit to the place where it all began, my respect and love for the Brand has only escalated. Their transparency to host backstage tours in restaurants all around the country is proof of the fact that they have nothing to hide when it comes to products they use for favorites on the menu.


Dan Cathy, President and COO  of Chick-fil-A {and son of founder Truett Cathy}, tells us why their food is a class apart-



In case you wondered what a “hot brown” is, it’s a delicious creamy cheese dish with mini chunks of chicken swimming in the same, topped with bacon strips and surrounded by toast wedges.



If you need to try this delicious combination of yummy-ness you have to visit the first ever Chick-fil-A , the Dwarf House in Hapeville, Georgia.


I have so much to share with you and though the visit was short, I’m back “stuffed”…

not just with all the delicious Chick-fil-A goodies {Spicy Chicken, Chocolate Pie, Lemonade and more!} but more so with the lessons I’ve stored in my Mommy heart from a family {Yes, the Cathy’s} that have put the LORD first in all they’ve done.


I will share more over the coming week but till the next post, here’s the verse that has set the foundation on how Truett Cathy built a chain that is loved and respected by many around the Nation.



  1. I Love and respect them as they are one of the few places that close on Sundays so we can spend it with our families. I wish more businesses did this.

    1. I know.I love all that they stand for.Will share more in a post to come and you will love ’em even more 🙂

  2. I didn’t realize they based their restaurant on that verse. That’s great! That food really looks good too!

  3. Can you find out why they put so much MSG in their chicken? Then do a post about that. I won’t be touching their chicken again until they start following regulations. Their chicken has more preservatives in them than a McD’s hamberger! I can email you back a link to an article with proof!

    1. Hi Heather

      I did forward your comment to the Corporate and received a confirmation that…

      “Chick-fil-A is actively working to reduce sodium across its menu [including MSG, which is a form of sodium]. Our current initiatives include a 40 percent sodium reduction in its Chargrilled Chicken filet, 25 percent less sodium in breads and 10 percent less sodium in dressings and sauces. Chick-fil-A’s Grilled Nuggets contain a lower amount of sodium than most fast food kid’s meal entrees.

      MSG is in fact a form of sodium or salt. There has been misinformation about MSG over the years, with the FDA and other reputable studies determining that MSG is a completely safe food ingredient. “

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