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Baby Girl’s Christmas Milestone {#BRUMilestones}

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Baby girl turned 10 months old, just a few days before her 1st Christmas. So she was at that perfect stage to enjoy the twinkling lights on the tree and enjoy the fun that comes with tearing wrapping paper off presents.

Baby (9)

It was a month filled with many firsts for her. Right from attending her first neighborhood caroling rounds and being an angel in a friend’s Christmas nativity play to being in the center of all the Christmas decorating, cookie baking and attending her first Christmas Eve candlelight service.

Baby Girl’s Christmas Milestone

All those firsts were very special but none more so than the first time she stood up in the middle of our living room, looked at Hubs, broke into a wide grin and took four independent steps, minus her musical walker, just like that!

No prompting. Nothing.

Baby (5)

We were ecstatic and inside I just beamed with pride and immense gratitude that God had answered my heart’s desire for her to take her first set of independent steps when Hubs, Dottie, Little Man and I were present.

You see, when Dottie was a week shy of her first birthday, she began to walk independently. At the time we were spending the holidays with my Mom and Hubs wasn’t there but I was able to capture it on film, but it wasn’t the same as being there in person to witness her big moment. So when Little Man began to walk with support, I prayed that he would take his first set of independent steps at a time when Hubs was home from work and Dottie from Preschool.

God answered.

And here again, with Baby Girl, He answered.

Merry Christmas to us!

I love that this little bundle of energy is so mobile now. And to ensure she’s comfortably fitted, while on-the-go, in clothing and diapering, I dress her in a size up and with Baby Dry Pampers. (I’ve found this to be the one Baby Girl is most comfortable in, absorbs better and keeps her dry longer.)

Baby's 1st Christmas (2)

A Pampers Achievement {#BRUMilestones}

Speaking of milestones and achievements, Pampers Swaddlers and Sensitive Wipes have an achievement that’s definitely scream-worthy…

the 2015 What-to-Expect Mom’s Love-It award!

(No surprise there! Baby Girl was a Pampers Swaddlers baby for the first few months of her life, right from birth.)


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Do you have a special baby milestone you would like to share? We’d love to celebrate with you! 


  1. I forgot how adorable kids were at that age. We were a Pampers family when mine were in diapers.

  2. So cute! I can’t wait to hit the potty training milestone right now 😉

  3. we are also working on the potty training milestone. It would sure be nice if she’d grasp the concept, but so far, it isn’t taking. But I can’t delay any longer she’s not a toddler anymore.

    1. Some kids tale a little longer Amber. Don’t lose hope and don’t get frustrated. I promise the light at the end of the tunnel IS getting closer!!

  4. Oh my, I have many, many memories and special moments. This is so cute!

  5. That is so exciting. Both of my boys started walking right around Thanksgiving.

  6. What a fun milestone to hit for the holidays!! I bet she was super proud of her accomplishment.

    1. Oh very! Now each time she stands up to walk, she waits to see if we’re all watching and then beams with pride when we cheer her on.

  7. Awesome! This will always be a great memory for you. It’s hard to know when it’s going to happen the first time!

  8. It’s crazy how quickly those milestones come and go! Baby’s first Christmas is certainly one I’ll always remember!

  9. My kids are all grown up now. My daughter is in her first year of College and my son will be starting next year.

  10. First steps and first words were two of my favorite milestones with both of my children. It is great to watch them develop and grow over time!

    1. Oh yes first words is a favorite for me too. Baby Girl’s favorite word right now is “ot” for hot when she sees her food being made 😉

  11. So cute! I forget how cute they are at that age, especially at Christmas! We used Pampers for our kids.

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