4 tips to keep accessories on trend without breaking the bank

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If you’re a fan of keeping on trend with your look, with the continuously changing fashion world, it may seem impossible on a budget. However, that couldn’t be further from the truth if you know how to shop with the right tactics. Not only do you need to know what you’re shopping for, but you should also understand different price points, what causes them to fluctuate, and where to find the best deals possible.

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Online shopping is a no-brainer in this situation, but there are so many e-commerce sites out there, it’s hard to choose the best.


Here are four tips for what kinds of accessories are on trend right now, and how to find them.

Pick the right sites

There are sites that specifically cater to people who shop for genuine, handcrafted jewelry, but have a budget. Shopping for say stud earrings on sites that offer a certificate of authenticity should be on top of your list. Some places even offer a student discount for any student, over the age of 16, which is great to capitalize on especially when you have family that falls in the student bracket. 

Big and Beautiful

There are so many choices online; it can be difficult to know where to start. That’s why first establishing what’s fashionable right now is a good way to figure out what you’re looking for. Statement earrings are always a favorite.
Unlike handbags that are often emblazoned with logos or other types of distinguishing designer marks, accessories are a different story. You can still be on point in terms of trends.

Long and Luxe

Statement pieces like shoulder-skimming earrings are available in a variety of styles, from chain-link metals to sparkling gemstones. Instead of geometric or incorporating unexpected patterns, these earrings are all about length. This trend is also more flexible for beginners if you’ve never rocked a statement piece, and it’s flexible depending what’s available online.

Dazzle them

There’s something to be said for costume jewelry, in the sense that although it’s relatively obvious you’re not wearing shoulder-skimming ruby drop earrings, if you go big and bold enough, you’ll get away with it.

Costume jewelry is also made on a spectrum of quality just like fine jewelry. The key to wearing costume jewelry is that it functions as a statement piece, which is easy and on trend, but you also need to wear it confidently. If you’re uncomfortable with giant earrings that flash, then this probably isn’t the right tactic for you.

One of the best parts of online shopping is the fact that you can browse at your leisure, and you don’t have any sales people pressuring you into buying something you’re not totally sure about. On top of that, one key element when it comes to wearing statement pieces is the fact that you need to find the exact right piece at the right price. That takes time, and keeping up to date on what’s available and on sale on any given day is essential if you’re going to find accessories that are not only on trend, but also reflect your personal sense of style. Sign up for an online retailer’s mailing list, get updates on what’s available, and stay on top of what’s going for the best price, and you’re sure to score your dream statement earrings.

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