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7 reasons wives need to help manage the family’s finances.

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The Proverbs 31 wife has always been a woman I have looked up to in example as a Mom and a Wife. And while reading through the passage earlier yesterday her skill at handling finances jumped out through the pages.

Proverbs 31- 10 to 13, 16 to 18

She was a hardworker who knew how to profit out of any sale she made and how to handle the family’s finances in such a way that they always had gain.

What a great example for us women today.

7 reasons wives need to help manage the family’s finances.

So many women feel it’s easier to pass on the “money matters” to Hubs as soon as the vows are exchanged but it’s important wives play an important role in helping manage the family’s finances.

Wondering why?

7 reasons wives need to help manage the family's finances. - MommySnippets.com

1. There is always less room for misunderstanding, disagreements and concern when both spouses know exactly where the money coming in each month goes and how exactly it gets spent.

2. It’s always easier to think of ways to reduce expenses if two heads come together to think strategically, keeping the family’s best interests in mind.

3. When spouses deal with finances on one page, the issue of “his” and “hers” no longer exists. They come together as one and the finances are looked at as “ours”. (Thereby encouraging a unified front in the marriage.)

4. Agreeing upon important issues like the sort of insurance policies that are needed, where to invest saved finances etc. is so much easier when two people sit down at the table and agree upon what would be best for their family.

5. It’s always easier to monitor discrepancies or any budget slip-ups when two people monitor the bank account statements, phone bills and credit card statements, over one..

6. Consideration of investment opportunities is always explored on a more rational basis when both spouses choose to do this together.

7. Plus, in the unforeseen eventuality of the husband passing on prematurely, the wife is able to handle the family’s finances from that day forth without being at a loss as  to what to do next.


I’d love to hear your thoughts on this.

Do you agree a wife needs to help her husband manage the family’s finances? Why/why not?



  1. I’ve actually never known a couple where the husband solely handled the finances. Mine pretty much handed me the reigns when things got serious. lol I think it’s important for both partners to contribute equally to all facets of the relationship, including finances.

    1. Sylvia I actually know several families where the husband handles all the finances solely. In one family’s case, the husband’s death left the wife flustered with the crazy statements, debts and financial messes created. Was very sad 🙁

  2. Great tips! I agree both partners should help organize the money that way you can talk about disagreements early!

  3. Great tips. My husband and I discuss finances from time to time but I’ve always been the one who manages the money, pays the bills and budgets everything. For us, it just works better this way and it really helps us stick to our monthly budget.

    1. Sticking to the budget is always the hardest but when both are on the same page it’s definitely easier.

  4. I take care of all the finances in the family. Since I was staying at home we agreed that this would be part of “my job!” We definitely discuss large purchases beforehand.

  5. great tips, and def if I didnt help him with the finances he would be flat broke and on the street:)

  6. I totally agree with you on this! My husband and I always discuss our finance together too, this way everything is transparent.

  7. Yes! I lead a women’s Bible study on couponing and frugal living at my church and use these same verses as the foundation of why women are to be included in finance. We often look at them as just homemaking, but she was a business woman and stretched the resources she was given, just as she was called to do. Vs. 21 is especially important to us as well because it indicates that she prepared for her family’s needs in advance with the best items to fit their needs. As women we can’t take care of current and future needs without an understanding of our current financial situation and the outlook on that status. 🙂

    1. I agree for a long while I looked at her as a sole home maker and it was only last week that the verses had a whole new meaning. She was a work from home Mom. Love it!!

  8. I have a big family and I can say that, growing up, all of the husband/wife teams I knew handled the finances pretty much equally.

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