10 reasons why you or your loved one should quit smoking.

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I know, first-hand, the effects smoking can have on the person smoking and the people in his/her circle. I had a family member who was an active smoker. He could go through a pack of cigarettes in a day. And what began, possibly, as a cool, social look, ultimately was the cause of his demise.

It sounds harsh, cold and unkind but that’s the truth.

Smoking not only affected his life but also the lives of those he loved.

10 reasons why you or a loved one should stop smoking - Mommy Snippets

10 reasons why you or your loved one should quit smoking.

Smoking doesn’t just affect the active smoker but also the people around him who inhale that smoke, the passive smokers.

Here are 10 reasons that should convince one to quit smoking cigarettes altogether:

1. Smoking cigarettes have been proven to be the cause of heart disease, strokes, oral cancer, respiratory diseases, weakened lungs, teeth erosion and other chronic ailments. (Images can get pretty graphic so I’m restraining from adding any pictures here. Google the term “effects of smoking” and you will see what I mean.)

2. An active smoker starts to develop very foul smelling breath that actually becomes quite repulsive to the people around him/her.

3.  Many don’t know this but smoking affects ones taste palette and keenness to smell.

4. CDC’s research shows that out of 2.4 million deaths that occur in the U.S. annually, over 480,000 are caused by smoking. (That’s about one in five deaths!)

5. An active smoker may find it harder to conceive. The effects of smoking can also affect a baby’s development and growth in the womb. (Studies have proven active smokers have had still births, pre-term deliveries, ectopic pregnancies and babies born with orofacial clefts.) 

6.Smoking has its toll on ones skin and considerably ages a person in appearance with wrinkles and skin discoloration.

7.  Active smoking can also cause a resistance to insulin, thereby putting the person at greater risk of type 2 diabetes.

8. Second-hand smoke or smoke inhaled by passive smokers is just as fatal especially for children.  It causes severe asthma and other respiratory diseases, as well as developmental and learning delays. It is also proven that passive smoking children fall sick more often.

9. Passive smokers are at high risk of getting brain tumors, lung cancer and throat cancer. (Second hand tobacco smoke has been tested to have over 7000 chemicals, of which 70 of those chemicals are known to cause cancer.)

10. Passive smokers are also susceptible to heart disease and heart-related complications. Research shows that an estimated 42,000 deaths from heart disease, every year, is a result of passive smoking/involuntary smoke inhalation from cigarettes.

As we get ready to enter into a new year and if you smoke or know someone who does, even if no other resolutions are made, make quitting smoking on top of your/their list. If not for you, at least do it for family.

The journey to quitting is not easy. The withdrawal symptoms are real. The craving to pick up a cigarette will be strong but once you make up your mind, with prayer, self-control and help, it can be done.

With CVS taking the decision to go tobacco free last year, the CVS pharmacy and the MinuteClinic offers more than just the required resources towards smoking cessation. Programs with individualized consultation sessions, one-on-one coaching, and personalized treatment plans are offered to any person willing to take that step towards quitting smoking.

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And contrary to what one may think, the cost involved is not a lot when you think of the life changing health impact this will have on the person concerned and his/her family.

Cost of the Smoking Cessation Program offered by the Minute Clinic is $69 for an initial assessment and visit and $59 for subsequent follow up visits and coaching sessions. It is recommended to consult with ones insurance provider because visit costs might be covered under ones insurance plan.

This is one time people will cheer on your decision to be a quitter!


  1. Smoking is gross. I never would have married a smoker, but I am all for people who help their loved ones quit and get healthy!

  2. I really can not be near anyone smoking or that smokes the smell makes me feel sick and I certainly do not want my kids around it.I think everyone that wants to give up should be given help and encouragement.

  3. I love that CVS and their minute clinics are taking this initiative. They have made it easier to help loved ones quit.

  4. Smoking is SO bad for you. Even if you never get cancer, it affects so many different parts of your body.

  5. Smoking is a terrible habit to pick up. Not only is it terrible for you, studies have proven that it’s as hard to stop smoking as it is to quit heroin. Think about that…

  6. Some people can quit easily and others can not. Smoking (as many other things) is a personal battle.

  7. I quit smoking almost 2 years ago now. My husband still does but I really hope he will quit eventually. He knows how bad it is for him but just won’t make the step to stop smoking.

  8. I wish I could get my mother to quit. After watching her father die from lung cancer, you would think she would. She has tried patches and gums and even prescriptions. I think the poor women needs a detox to be honest. Makes me sad. I wish I could help her.

  9. It is great that CVS has the MinuteClinic to help people stop smoking. I need to tell my mom about this.

  10. Quitting was so difficult for me. I lived in a house full of smokers as a child, so naturally I started as a teen. I tried quitting for several years going cold turkey was THE HARDEST, and I was allergic to many of the stop smoking products so I couldn’t use them. It was getting pregnant that made me quit.

  11. I’m glad CVS has help for people who want to quit. I know my ex struggled with quitting for years.

  12. So happy to hear about CVS. I wish cigarettes were never sold. Anywhere. My mom smoked and I lost her when I was 16 and she 48.my husband smokes he’s trying to quit but it’s been a struggle for him.

  13. Thankfully I only know one friend that smokes and no family members. This is a fantastic list though 🙂

  14. I am going to be honest here – I am not sure why someone would smoke the first one knowing that it is an addictive habit that is really really bad for them. It seems to be the hardest habit to quit. I recently broke up with a guy I was dating because he refused to quit smoking. He hid the fact that he was a smoker when we first met, so that in itself made me feel deceived. I gave him alot of opportunities to quit and he just didn’t have the will power I guess. I know it sounds bad, but I can stand the smell of stale cigarettes and I refuse to live with it. I admire anyone who is a smoker is who is trying to quit. I applaud them for at least trying

  15. I really wish my husband and in-laws would stop smoking. But I can tell they don’t want to, and they won’t stop unless they want to. It’s so harmful and I can’t stand it.

  16. I have to be honest. I can’t stand smoking. The smell makes my stomach turn. I hate when we are out in public and I even if a smoker is standing in our general area – yuck. We have to move somewhere else.

  17. I just quit smoking a month ago, after 20 years. I started vaping and that helped a lot. My health has already improved.

  18. My dad has lung cancer and starts chemo again next week. I haven’t had a smoke in 6 days!

  19. So glad it’s a habit that our main family never picked up on. We still have some family members though that smoke like crazy.

  20. I quit smoking 10 years ago. It was the best thing I ever did – I had no idea how gross smoking smelled!

  21. I totally agree with your reasons. It isn’t as easy as us wanting them to quit but them wanting it for themselves.

  22. It’s definitely not the ‘in thing’ anymore to smoke. And a big hurrah for it too. I remember riding in the car w/the windows rolled up w/a smoker when I was a kid! Glad times they are a’changin’!

  23. My husband and I both quit over a year ago. We struggled with quitting for years though. It was really one of the hardest things we’ve done.

  24. I’ve had family and friends who have quit smoking and I know it’s a hard thing to do. These are some great reasons to quit smoking.

  25. Both of my parents smoked which made me never want to even try cigarettes. I saw first hand what it can do to you and it’s not pretty.

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