One of the best yogurt parfait recipes

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School mornings can get pretty rushed and I’m all about not skipping breakfast so making a quick grab-and-go breakfast helps.

Getting the kids to grab a bowl of cereal every morning can get a little routine, popping that cereal into yogurt can jazz things up a bit especially when the kids’ favorite fruit is added too!

One of the best yogurt parfait recipes 

If you’re a parent, I’m sure you have a box of Cheerios sitting on your pantry shelf. Made with 100% whole grain oats, no artificial flavors or colors, this is a favorite with all ages. And yes, it is a gluten free breakfast option.

But some mornings the kids want a change. All you need is three additional ingredients to whip up one of the best yogurt parfait recipes out there and best of all it’s so, so easy to make.

All you need is plain Greek yogurt, fresh strawberries, fresh blueberries (or frozen) and your favorite Cheerios. (It’s hard to pick one favorite, so we quietly settle for two with Honey Nut Cheerios and Multi Grain Cheerios.

I love that this recipe is so forgiving. You don’t need specific measurements. If you’re a Honey Nut person, by all means, go to town with that layer or if you prefer a not-as-sweet cereal option, pick the Multi Grain. If you want more fruit, over cereal, (in this case fresh berries )and need just that slight crunch, go generous with that layer.

1. Line the bottom of the mason jar, or glass, with a generous spoonful of yogurt.

2. Follow this with a layer of Honey Nut or Multi Grain Cheerios and then another layer of yogurt.

3. Top this with a layer of strawberries and blueberries

4. Repeat the layers till you reach the mouth of your mason jar or glass and top the same with the berries.

Such an easy recipe to recreate!

With a mason jar filled with this yogurt parfait goodness, you won’t want to skip breakfast even on the busiest of mornings. Plus it’s such a healthy alternative to a greasy fast food breakfast alternative or a sugar loaded donut.One of the best yogurt parfait recipes out there!


Can you think of any other easy ways to jazz up a box of Cheerios? I’m sure you never thought of adding Cheerios to these recipes.