Everything Important You Need to Know About your Vehicle’s Brakes

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Every time we drive a car we rely on our brakes functioning properly in order to stop our vehicle whenever we need to. Whether it’s a regular stop at a traffic sign or red light, or an unexpected stop when another car or object comes into our path… having brakes that function properly is an absolute necessity when operating a vehicle.

Everything important You Need to Know About your vehicle’s Brakes

Here are a few brake safety tips that every person who gets behind the wheel of a car should know.

How do brakes work?

When you step on your brake pedal, a pressure instantaneously moves through your brake hoses and lines that creates a friction that makes your wheels stop. In order for your wheels to properly stop, it’s imperative that every part of your brake system is working properly. This includes the fluid-filled brake hoses, pistons, the caliber, the rotors and brake pads, and your brake pedal itself.

Why is brake fluid important?

Brake fluid is an essential part of keeping your brake system functioning properly. You should always be sure that your car has an adequate amount of brake fluid. It’s this fluid that pushes the brake pads against your car rotors when you apply pressure to your brake pedal. It’s also important to note that brake fluids in your car can become contaminated by debris, sludge, moisture and air over time. It’s recommended that you have a “brake flush” done by a trusted mechanic at every oil change, or every 15,000-20,000 miles at the very least.

Why do brakes squeak?

Generally, when your brakes start squeaking, it’s a sign that the pads are becoming worn. Some cars allow you to see your brake pads without removing the wheel, but in others you’ll need to remove the wheel in order to glance at them. Worn brake pads will appear then, and your wheel may have a lot of brake dust on it. If your brake pads have worn, get them replaced promptly.

If ever you notice that your brakes are beginning to not function properly, or that they are making a noise when you push down on the brake pedal… have them serviced immediately. A simple repair could go a very long way in keeping you, your family, and others on the road safe.

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