Our Step2 Wagon has become Mama’s Helper!

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Step2 Test Drive Blogger DisclosureRemember when we first got our Step2 Wagon last year? I can testify that this Wagon has definitely been put it into good use since then.

Thanks to my imaginative kids, the Wagon has become a raft, a home, a stretcher (yes, when they play Doctor-Patient!), a go cart and even a floating library.

The kids definitely love their Wagon.

But can I let you in on a teensy-weensy secret?…

The kids don’t know this but our Step2 Wagon has also become Mama’s Helper!


That’s right!

With our 3rd blessing arriving in less than 20 weeks, my husband has given me strict instructions not to carry anything heavy or exert myself. But when he’s away at work and the kids are at school, the household chores still need to get done right?

That’s where the kids’ Step 2 Wagon comes into the picture.



Two weeks ago, when we decided to move a bookshelf into the bedroom, to provide an additional access point for books for the kids, our Step2 Wagon helped me cart 4 piles of books from the toy room to the bedroom in just a few minutes.

Yes, in one single trip! (And you don’t know how happy that made this Mama considering no preggo Mama wants to walk from one room to the other, a minimum 20 times in a day!)

Step2 Wagon Book Transporter


I also discovered, this week, that I could also use it to transport all the laundry in one trip and not stress about dropping freshly washed clothes along the way.


Step2 Wagon Laundry Transporter


Another use we’ve found for our Wagon, each time we have an unannounced guest drop in on us, is to use it to be our “Mess Disguise”! (Don’t be afraid to admit it, I know you do this too!!)

We gather all the stray odds and ends lying around the living room, dump them all onto the Wagon, roll it away into the bedroom and throw a cover over it!

Step2 Wagon Mess Disguise

Voila! A clean room in less than a few minutes!!


I’m sure you have a few ideas on how you could a Step2 Wagon in and around your home. But my favorite definitely has to be one thought up by my 3 year old.

While working in the kitchen the other day, he decided to catch a few winks quietly and made his own little day bed in the Wagon. He threw in a pillow for his head, one for his body, got himself a light blankie, a sleep mask and dozed right off, comfortably!

Step2 Wagon Day Bed for Toddlers & Preschoolers


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Can you think of other ways our Step2 Wagon could become Mama’s Helper?



  1. I never thought about keeping it inside to use. Ours is outside and dirty.

  2. I think I’m gonna need a bigger “Mess wagon” for my house. LOL!! In all seriousness, that is so clever! I love the laundry idea.

  3. Our wagon has always remained in the garage, but these are some great ideas to put it to use during the colder months. I think my kids would like to use this when picking up their toys, all toys can be put into the wagon and transported back to their rooms.

  4. We always used our wagon for SOOOO many things; isn’t it nice? Plus the wagon will last forever..w e love the Step2 products and this is just another wonderful and useful product to have around; thanks for sharing…

  5. That is a lot of uses for one wagon! Even though I don’t have toddlers or preschoolers, I would use it for mess clean up!

  6. I would use it for when I go grocery shopping. After I get all the bags in the front door I would put all in the wagon and pull them into the kitchen

  7. What a great idea!!! And, OMG… I love that your little guy wears a sleep mask!!! LOL I seriously want a wagon now.

  8. love the eye mask pic- hilarious!! my sister wouldn’t give me her old wagon from when her kids were little- she still uses it to help her and her littlest is 20 !!

  9. We have a Step 2 wagon and love it too! We take my daughter for a walk in it every evening (unless it’s raining) but one time I took it to a yard sale I walked to and it was very handy!!

  10. this seems like a great idea, I have always seen these being pulled by parents to tote kids up and down the boardwalk down the shore too.

  11. We used to use our wagon as a garden cart, but I never thought about using it inside! Such a great idea. I do a quick clean up of the house before my hubs gets home and I basically throw everything into a basket and sort it out later…The wagon would be perfect for that! lol I love the blanket covering it up haha

  12. Ha ha, love your ingenious uses for the wagon. And your little boy asleep is just too cute!

  13. I wish my laundry was on the main level so I could do the same thing! I definitely feel you about needing to get the chores done but still needing to lift things. This morning’s chores took everything out of me!

  14. Brilliant idea to bring the wagon inside and use it to carry things! I never thought of that and yet it makes so much sense.

  15. Our kids love wagons too!! I would have never thought about using it in the house either, but that’s a great idea.

  16. Those are very creative ways for your Step 2 Wagon to be such a great helper! We mostly just use ours for walks in the neighborhood.

  17. such fun and cute ideas of using the wagon. you could also use it to transfer potted plants from one place to another.

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