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30 Ways To Give

30 Ways To Give – Soles4Souls {#30DayGive}

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We take the little things for granted…

It’s just understood that our kids will wear shoes to school, to play, indoors …

why, even when they’re still learning to crawl.


But there are over 400 million children in the world, for whom a pair of shoes is considered a luxury…

despite being in conditions that desperately stress on the need for footwear protection.


We can must help!!


  • Save shoes that your children have out-grown and drop them off at a designated, approved, Soles4Souls collection center.
  • Go through your “shoe collection” and separate pairs into “need” and “want” piles. Push yourself to donate your “want” pile. True you may not have a specific pair of shoes to match a specific dress in your wardrobe but the pair you donate can help save a person’s feet from parasitic infections and painful forms of elephantiasis, on the other side of the world.
  • If you’re unable to donate shoes but would like to help support this worthy cause, consider donating finances. For every 1$ you donate, Soles4Souls can provide 1 individual with a much needed pair of shoes.
  • Organize a shoe drive in your community. You will be amazed at how many pairs you will be able collect. Some people are genuinely unaware that gently used, old shoes can be such a blessing to another person.
  • Other ways to help.





* Read more about the 30 Day Giving Challenge 2012 *

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  1. I’ve been aware of Soles4Souls for a year or so now. It’s an awesome charity and we try to donate our old shoes to them all the time.

  2. I wasn’t aware of this program before reading this on your blog, but this sounds like an awesome program. I’ll definitely be looking them up to see what I can do since my kids have tons of shoes that either don’t fit or don’t wear anymore. Thank you!

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