5 ways to manage a sensitive bladder.

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Unknown to many women, 1 in 3 women across the US, over the age of 18, experience a sensitive bladder. This is not uncommon in other countries either. Adult incontinence (or to put it simply, a leaky bladder) is not rare. But because it’s that hush-hush topic, nobody knows that the other suffers through it in embarrassment and silence.  Most women notice the effects of having a sensitive bladder after having their first child or even as they grow older.

Ladies, you will know if your sensitive bladder is something you need to talk to your OBGYN about. If it concerns you and/or seems to be increasing as the days go by, don’t hold back on that visit. There are treatments out there to help. But if you feel it’s all under control, there are ways to continue living life comfortably, without the shadow of incontinence looming over you.

5 ways to manage a sensitive bladder

1. Work on bladder strengthening, pelvic floor exercises to help regain control of your bladder. Kegels are great to help do just that.

2. Cut down on your caffeine intake as studies have proven that caffeine has a diuretic effect. This means it triggers an increase in the amount of urine one makes.

3. Swap out that extra mug of coffee with a mug of hot water. Most people cut down their water intake to control leakage issues but this does more harm than good as a lower water intake increases urine concentration which is not healthy for ones body and can cause other health-related issues. One recommendation, though, would be to reduce how much water is drunk in one sitting and instead increase the frequency of drinking smaller amounts through the day.

4. Wear a pad/liner to help you get through the day comfortably. That occasional leak does not need to worry you if you’re wearing discreet protection with a TENA liner, pad or even pant. Use the product finder to help you decide which product would suit your need the best.

5. Train your bladder. Yes, it’s very similar to potty training a child. Make yourself go relieve yourself at specific times in the day. Practice holding it in for a few minutes longer each day. Re-train your body and no, there is no shame in doing this.