The Sea of Galilee and the Ancient Boat

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One of the places I looked forward to the most on our Israeli itinerary was visiting The Sea of Galilee and the Ancient Boat. Just the thought of seeing a piece of history from the time when Jesus walked the earth was so amazing to me.

The Sea of Galilee

There are so many important historical places for Christians in Israel, but many are not safe to visit. I was so happy to see a place of such significance on our trip!

The Sea of Galilee The Sea of Galilee

The Sea of Galilee and the Ancient Boat

The Sea of Galilee is beautiful and serene. Just as I imagined it!

Sea of Galilee

We visited the Man in the Galilee museum, home to the Ancient Boat (sometimes called the Jesus boat), which was uncovered 30 years ago on the shore of the sea.

The Ancient Boat

Inside the museum, you get to see the boat, which was excavated from the mud and still contains the wood and structure that it had when it sailed the Sea of Galilee more than 2,000 years ago.

The Ancient Jesus BoatThe Ancient Jesus Boat The Ancient Jesus Boat

Isn’t it beautiful?! I can just imagine Jesus and his disciples sailing on it. Or a fisherman bringing in his wares from the sea.

We stayed that night at Nof Ginosar, a kibbutz hotel just a short walk from the museum. It was so interesting to learn about the kibbutz culture and see their economic ventures in motion.

A kibbutz is a Jewish community that shares all financial responsibility. Everyone works together and is provided with a living from the community. Nof Ginosar is owned by the kibbutz. How cool is that?!

Nof Ginosar

Our room was very comfortable and the hotel was really nice. It was a great place to stay!


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