Easy Scarecrow Popsicle Stick Fall Craft

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This easy scarecrow popsicle stick fall craft is a fun way to celebrate all things Fall and can even be hung up as a sweet wall decor piece!

Have you noticed how when Fall heralds in, we automatically jump into all the Thanksgiving crafts? So let’s wait a bit and enjoy Fall with this adorable Scarecrow Popsicle Stick craft.

This project not only helps children embrace the spirit of autumn but also encourages their creativity and fine motor skills.

In this step-by-step guide, we will show you how to make an easy Scarecrow Popsicle Stick craft that’s perfect for kids of all ages. W

With just a few simple materials and a dash of imagination, your little ones will have a fantastic time creating their very own scarecrow to celebrate the fall season. Easy Scarecrow Popsicle Stick Fall Craft

Materials Needed to Make The Popsicle Stick Scarecrow

materials needed for the Easy Scarecrow Popsicle Stick Fall Craft

How to Make This Scarecrow Popsicle Stick Fall Craft 

  1. Prepare the Base:
    • Arrange five popsicle sticks side by side to create the scarecrow’s face.popsicle sticks for Easy Scarecrow Popsicle Stick Fall Craft
    • Cut one popsicle stick in half, then using your hot glue gun, glue these two halves horizontally to the back of the five popsicle sticks. This will hold them together and create a stable base for your scarecrow.
  2. Create the Hat:
    • Print and cut out a scarecrow hat template, or freehand draw one on brown paper like we did.
    • Cut out the hat shape from the brown paper.hat for Scarecrow Popsicle Stick Fall Craft
    • Cut a strip of yellow paper and attach it to the bottom of the hat to create a decorative band.
  3. Add the Hair:
    • Cut several short strips of yellow yarn to use as the scarecrow’s hair.
    • Attach these yarn strips to both sides of the hat, allowing them to hang down like hair.
    • hair yarn for Scarecrow Popsicle Stick Fall CraftNow, glue the hat with the attached yarn to the top of the popsicle stick structure.
  4. Attach Googly Eyes:
    • Glue two googly eyes onto the scarecrow’s face. You can position them to give your scarecrow a silly or friendly expression.Scarecrow Popsicle Stick Fall Craft
  5. Nose and Smile:
    • Cut a small triangle from the brown paper to create the scarecrow’s nose.
    • Attach the nose just below the googly eyes.nose added to Scarecrow Popsicle Stick Fall Craft
    • Use a marker to draw a friendly smile on the scarecrow’s face.
  6. Final Touches:
    • Feel free to get creative and add any additional details to your scarecrow.Scarecrow Popsicle Stick Fall Craft
    • You can use markers or colored pencils to draw buttons on the popsicle sticks to represent the scarecrow’s clothing, or you can glue on small pieces of fabric or felt for a more textured look.

Your easy Scarecrow Popsicle Stick Fall Craft is now complete!

Such a great project for kids to show off their creativity and celebrate the season. Scarecrow Popsicle Stick Fall Craft

Wondering how to make this a Fall Wall Decor piece?

Use the jumbo craft sticks instead of the regular-sized ones, to make your scarecrow.

Use large wiggly eyes for scale.

Get a Fall-themed ribbon and glue this to the back of the craft, as if to create a handle on the hat. 

Now hang this up on a wall or pillar to add to your Fall decor pieces.